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Andrea is a naturally transformative Awakening facilitator with energy transmission for extraordinary healing and joyful awakening. You can expect quick release of old, deeply held material and real life amazing shifts into an expansive, higher consciousness as well as important results on the practical level of your life. This shift will impact your personal sense of self, as well as your relationships, your purpose or contribution and your health. This work also benefits your family. Andrea is Radiant Awareness, with over 30 years of comprehensive traditional and alternative studies & experience covering Business & Psychology degrees Summa Cum Laude, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine Mastery, Enlightened Relationship Coach, Ordained Christian Minister, Budhist Bodhi Satva, Hindu TM and Ishta Devita, Apache Shamanism, A Course in Miracles Teacher, Advanced Non Violent Communications and 4 years in solitude culminating in Direct Awareness. Andrea is endorsed by many world renowned Spiritual teachers and physicians for ongoing extraordinary results with individuals and groups.

Twin Flames


Many of us have been here forever or so it feels. We’re called the old souls. We are bored with the same old story being replayed a million times. We know it well. It continues to take on new faces and new logistics, yet it keeps replaying the same wounded empty feeling.

When we are learning, it plays out in time and space at a slow tedious, painstaking learning curve. Until one is ready to come home to the soul.

Now there is instant knowing and recognition of what is needed to be learned and the transformation through lessons learned is instantaneous. There is a bypass of the suffering incurred on the repetitive karmic wheel of lessons being repeated over and over and over.

When this instantaneous knowing is embraced and utilized, then the soul opening is sped up enormously. You no longer need to play the painstakingly slow learning process out with people. You can stop, integrate the learning and move with the rhythms of your soul.

When you are ready, you will meet your twin flame. Someone equally dedicated to making a soulful difference in this world. Your coming together will quickly show you the ways in which you are out of balance with your soul. It will be felt and it will create great pain within you both.

This is the blessed opportunity to face one’s karmic lessons rapidly and to heal into wholeness through the powerful mirror being held up. Nothing can show you what you have been running and hiding from quicker than this reflection from your beloved.

This is not an opportunity to play out any old games. For they will be seen through quickly by the one who knows you as he knows himself. At this profound level of knowing everything is seen and revealed.

The transparency is unnerving. It is pure nakedness that unleashes the fullest soul power in both. This is the most terrifying revelation to the ego. It is the most unconditionally loving oneness when the relationship is embraced and honored fully.


The Heart of A Woman



A woman is a wise and wonderous being. Within the chambers of her heart are mesmerizing secrets to eternal life, to a love that heals all separation and to the divine awareness that awakens all mankind.

Hidden away are all these treasures and cloaked within the mystery of God incarnate. To know one’s heart is to allow it to unfold as the sun beckons the rose to bloom. The warmth allows the cool even cold passages of separation to melt into the timeless knowing of union. Often there is a deep agonizing wale that is transmitted over weeks, months, sometimes lifetimes for all the suffering that has been endured.

The woman feels this wether she allows herself to truly feel this or not.  Her DNA feels this, for within her being is creation. She has come to create life, love everlasting, all else is pain and when dwelt upon becomes suffering.

Because of her magic, mystery and majesty, her innate power, woman has been burned at the stake, raped, circumcised, hidden in black robes, raped out of her innocence, beaten into submission as she cries in anguish for all the people’s of her world.

If her heart is open and in blooming she feels this for the entire planet and deeply, deeply knows the mistake of mankind. To harm life is pain. To perpetuate this harm is suffering. To prolong suffering is to die.

Within her womb is life and within her heart his love and within her soul is eternity. Within the mysteries of the feminine this is known. Yet, it has been blocked, subjugated away, hidden beyond reach in many a woman. Servant to an old paradigm, woman has forsaken her majesty.

This old way is wreaking of death. To embrace this shadow, is to know that woman has forsaken her strength for man. That she has subjugated her truth and that as she dies a slow death, so does her home earth and her humanity.

Within her heart is the strength that will rekindle this world…that will light a new way with love, with awareness of all that is and will come to be. When man loves woman, it enhances the love within and beckons it to flow forth. In love all things are made whole. In loving the woman the man is restored to his powerful divine masculine and woman receives this light. Her heart flames are ignited and the love bursts forth overflowing to restore humanity to its creative potential.

Death and destruction have been an intricate part of our experiencing. We have culminated in learning through duality. We are now bearers of a new way…to live, love and rejoice in celebration of what until now has been cloaked in mystery.

There is an awakening. As the Dali Lama said ‘it is the western woman who will save this world.’ The truth runs clearly through the heart. In essence it is the soul. The heart opens and awakens through many, many karmic cycles of life, death and rebirth. Yet, now the heart can open through a transfer or transmission from one loving soul to another.

This is spreading and we are awakening. Women and men are fast learning and seeing and experiencing the interconnectedness of all. We have tears for our kidnapped sisters in India sold into marriage at 8 years old. We applaud all the countries banning GMO’s and we abhore the bleeding of the earth from fracking. For we know, so deeply that we are one.

What we do to one we do to all. Like the aspen tree we are tethered. Cut one branch and the others are off balance. Frack the earth and mine all the gems and pesticide the land…what do we have? A betrayal of our mother. Women feel this in their hearts and perhaps brave, aware men do as well.

May the women of this earth rise up now together in outrage and wale for all that has been meaninglessly destroyed and let us with our hearts send waves of purifying love for forgiveness of all.



Sweet Surrender



Coming home, two become one, surrendering into none. When we feel the juicy awareness of our humanness and it is being ignited by another hotly alive human in passion, in wonder and in mesmerizing awakening, then we must learn the fine art of presence.

This my sweet one is not the time to drift or to distract. This is the compelling calling of one soul to the other…join me, be here, freely, unencumbered be here. Dance with the juices that flow, igniting the fires down below and deep within.

This is a powerful home coming…to the deepest recesses from which your essential nature thrives. It may begin in a gently whispering call…I am here for you…let go…come with me now…take my hand…breathe…open your arms, uncross your legs, …set your mind free.

Allow the waves of energy to move…feel the undulating waves beginning, rising up your legs, freeing everything they touch.

Body moves without mind, heart effusively spills out its love all over, warming, healing, purifying…opening for soul. Union, no differentiation, no separation, a lovely ‘isness’ shared.

Bringing two home to see within each others eyes, between each others hearts that there is just this one.

One dancing in the fires of forgiveness of all, in complete relinquishment of self. Beingness responds to pure energy, the waves intense, yet so pleasurable in their opening of all that is no longer needed.

Flooding the senses, legs shuddering, the yoni and ligam joined eternally in all that is real.

The sweat, the tingling, the quivering, the burn, the deep anguish, the surrender into this ecstatic moment.

No you cannot keep this. You may never even return. You know what it is…it is the vast expansive well from which all of life arises and yet, you cannot hold onto this. It is too deep, too unfathomable for humanness.

You can open your heart, share your love, more and more and more. You can dance to the rhythm of your soul and embrace and embody the entire galaxy within your movement.

You can witness the demise of our beloved planet and breathe with awe inspired knowing that there will always be this….when all else passes.

In union there is knowing. In separation there is ignorance. To come home is to know the game is over.

The dance now dances me…..loving me all the way home.  I am the eternal dancer to the beloved lover…in this knowing i am  complete…

Dance home with me now…




Erotic Love



Erotic Love…has a life of its own…is an energy that most fear…can burn you up and leave you feeling empty…what a whirlwind and when it is here…ride the wave…it will leave you…open and awake in ways nothing else can…amazing in its ability to rip through core beliefs and leave one bewildered…this place where one is not sure if this is good or not…yet, there is an undeniable…a transformation…old has been unearthed and here the transition place where i am no longer who i was…the naive girl/woman who entered into the fire…the chauldren of change…and so it whirls…the energies have been ignited and they are moving…unpredictable, exciting and maddening, I am no longer who i was…and i am in the unfoldment of the erotic dance…deep penetrating love making…to the core, to the primal core of existence and who am i now, what is gone is indecipherable, what is now here is alive with newness…erotic love is the deep, undulating passion of one souls entry into another…leaving no stone unturned…all is fire blasted and with the greatest of pleasure a new me is born…yes, it is wild…this primal force is untamable…not for the meek of heart…only for the seasoned connisour of deep, dark transformation…one cannot survive long in this chauldron…it is to be entered with awareness throghout one’s  lifetime…and to be honored for its ability to ravish all the meek and mild places where one would wish to hide out for eternity…even these stones are overturned and shown to be exactly what they are…fear…fear of ones self…so i say to you…if you are blessed to have an erotic love…cherish the wildness…the abandon of this world…which must occur for this fire bird to blaze through your souls…and if you are left with a few prickly places and hot spots and blisters then simply remind yourself that you have had a journey most will never encounter and know that your soul is amongst those pioneers who are the cutting edge of this new frontier…you are blazing the trail of a wholly new world where convention no longer exists.



Often I feel weary of my connections with people. Sometimes i just want to curl up in my bed and cry. I have been plagued with feelings of emptiness and aloneness.  Just wanting to run and escape, like everyone around me. Or just put my head in the ground like an ostrich and scream where no one will hear or even care if I am alive.
Human suffering seems to be a pervasive theme in my life. Deepening into the dark corridors of my souls journey, where dark is reflected in my loved one’s sufferings and where a reprieve is but a moments breathing space and diving inward deeper and deeper, peeling through the layers of unloved, unaccepted self…mirrored in fear based imagery in my life where life turns around every corner…what appears dark becomes light, what appears light is superficial play dissolving into the whaling of all the unheard cries for the tortured animals, sexually used girls, lonely women, old folks with no one to hold, unheard cries of the street person…and yet, for now , this planet is my home.

I care so deeply at times, i feel my heart will burst open a flood of torrential tears, for all i cannot hold, or the tears i cannot wipe away, for all the screams in the night from young girls raped by strangers.

And yet, with all my hearts breaking there is love, always there is love, more and more love…learning to love it all, a planet that turns its back to all but the young, the good looking, the wealthy, the charming.

So, I wonder, the innocence with in my heart wonders, what is this pain that wishes to love, to love this planet all the way home, to where we remember. The final remembrance.

The one heart that embraces all of humanity through her golden enchanting love. Permeating the vast, expansive pain that this planet is. Gently, tenderly knowing that there is a reason.

How else are we to know the greatest, the finest, the divine essence of our nature without the utter and complete absence. This absence is calling, calling forth the love within us all to arise, to permeate all our frozen places, to emminate with grace. To warm the corridors of your heart, to fill them to where they begin to overflow, with greater ease and then with full grace…in all the ways that lighten and brighten each souls burdenous journeys.

To simply touch another is to invoke divine ecstacy…when the touch eminates from the souls infinite divinity. And so we touch and we pray and we dance and we know not when the grace will move in and through our own soul, yet we continue to touch, to reach, to embrace this blessed planet, not knowing who we help or bless, but truly knowing that without love there would be no meaning to being here.

With love, the seeds move through the darkened, hardened soil and with nurturance from sunshiny radiance and moist dew and the kind words of appreciation of the seed sowers the plant arises and then in all her glory she blooms for all to see. Her majestic radiance a true eye catcher to all passersby.

With awe and wonderment and true mystery i open my heart to all that is knowing i am as a child of innocence and so i love, i love and i love and the dew streaks my cheeks when i behold a seed having made it through the darkened, hardened soul and i so long to help each one, as if children of my own and then one pops through and i can offer my tender words of love and encouragement and then one more and another and then we are shining, one to the other…enveloped in the arms of grace…we bloom, radiant passengers of a long and weary journey over many, many lifetimes, and yet, we are here. We have arrived. We are the awakenend ones.

Gentleness is Strength


When I feel my vulnerability…I tremble inside. There is a subtle terror in revealing one’s self. Allowing the masks to drop and unveiling what is most real, can feel pretty scary. It’s like walking around partially naked and feeling like everyone sees that you are different. Noticing that everyone else has on their familiar persona and you are alone in your simplicity.

Sometimes there are others who see, understand and relate. Usually, most people feel a bit uneasy around a defenseless being. Probably because they feel their own protective masks and need to play them out regardless. They seem to get that you aren’t really interested in playing out their game any longer and are not sure what else to do.

I just continue to be imperfectly naked in the ways that are allowing my facades to  drop and to pass through. I am what I am, no more, no less. Not too interested in the greed game or the I’m important because game or the I’m a victim game. Just being here and allowing less to be enough. It allows for a simpler orientation. Not a lot of big story too fill in all the space with. The dramatic responses are becoming  irrelavent and not that interesting.

Who are we without all this. There is a feeling of emptiness that is quite different from being in the stories of the world. A quiet that is a deep aloneness. Sometimes lonely, usually just quiet and every once in a while mind chatter seeking to engage with someone.

Although there is less of a need to engage with anyone’s stories. They are so much of the same old victim paradigm. Not really much new. Then I meet someone and I can feel their heart participating and there’s sincere eye contact and a shared inner knowing that is palpable.

Then the words don’t really matter much. There is an easy natural connection. No one trying to impress or downplay or strategize…just a simple knowing. It’s easier this way. I walk away feeling met and seen. Now being naked is an honest revealing.

There is true strength in this form of gentle connection. Deeper, more aware, penetrating moments piercing through to the fabric of existence. There is a shared knowing which transcends all the misunderstandings of this world. This is communion, deep and real.

Then it is gone. Or is it?  This may actually be a doorway which when opened allows for more true union. Human beings long to belong, to be seen, to get it right and to be good enough. What if we are already home, fully loved and accepted and we just need to be brave enough to be what we are.

When we are transparent in this, we are becoming what we have always been and always will be. Perfectly imperfect beings. Never will we be good enough or get it right in the standards of this world. Yet, we will always strive to hit an even greater mark. Until we realize there truly is no target, we spin the wheels of the mind endlessly stratagizing the next great  conquest. We call this strength.

Of course it seems to take great strength to continue these pursuits.  We are considered brave when the hunter shoots the lion and puts his head on the wall.

How absurd is this strength that ceaselessly tries to get the advantage in the situation.  True bravery comes from revealing and living from the heart. Not superficially, but, rather from a deeper unwinding of the heart. Through so many lifetimes, the heart has been jammed up by the head. Rarely allowed to demonstrate its true strength. We, go along lifetime after lifetime until finally there is a breakthrough. The heart is now here and boy does it hurt.

We have much heartache, betrayal, abandonment, abuse that we have experienced and that we have inflicted. True  courage is allowing the heart to feel again, to breathe life into this beautiful, humble servant.

This is where true strength begins to arise. When we are willing to feel this pain and to forgive it and to love again. This is where real life begins and drama ends. Yes, it hurts…more than anything. Yet, without this remarkable companion life is deadened and the old drama stories get very old. When the heart becomes freer of the old, numbing ways, there is a refreshing, new start. There is a newness, an innocence that is vulnerable, free and open.

Courage comes from the French word ‘cour’ meaning heart. They are inseparable. There is no true courage without the heart. There is mental play…which when felt into is quite superficial. The realm of the heart runs all the way to the soul. They are aligned.

The heart responds to the urgings of the soul.  Which again, can leave one feeling quite alone. The callings, guidance and simple whisperings of the heart are in a different language than the mind. They are far more simple, yet they are profound in their ability to quickly break through the illusions of this world. For this is the greatest tool to awakening which we as human beings have. You would think that a tool this amazing would be commonly employed.

Most are afraid of the true strength and power of the heart. It’s rewards are quite different than that of the mind. Love is not considered a strength in most of the world.

To be gentle is not a power tool, so it is used very infrequently. Rarely is it even eminating from the heart center.  When it is,  it can and will open doors in ways that create the most beautiful transformation for the soul.

This is the mystery, the magic and the magnificence of who we truly are. From the center of our hearts, the soul enters and shifts reality drastically. Who or whatever you think you are is eradicated and adjusted into a human being capable of extraordinary miracles.

These may not add up to millions of dollars or a new Mercedes, but, I assure you, you will feel a shift in reality that will ‘blow your mind’ open.

Once this opening occurs, you will know what you are. Once this is experienced there is a longing for this to become one’s home eternally and truly it is this.

Yet, there is still necessary shedding of the identity that  will then allow more and more and more heartfelt presence. There are moments or passages where there is a reprieve from this healing, but those who are here to awaken usually only get small breathers.

This unwinding of the ego is painful, yet there is an ever increasing simplicity to orient from. This gentle simplicity is your strength, with less and less story to defend, there is more and more presence to live from. Strength becomes gentleness becomes strength.

To your strength;






Nothing heals a broken heart like forgiveness. As long as we keep telling ourselves that others have hurt us, that they are to blame then we miss the blessing of our own healing. When we project our pain onto outer circumstances, or run from it by overworking, or going to other relationships, or deny it by pretending to be other than what we are truly feeling, than we keep ourselves from the only source of our healing.

When we stop the stories, all of them, and begin to embrace our pain, then there is a shift. We are becoming responsible for our own healing.  We come into these lives with an achilles heal, a core pattern. We choose particular parents who will hurt us in ways that make it impossible to deny this pain. We then choose friends or partners who will continue to play this out with us. If your wound is about abandonment, those we love will seem to abandon us in ways that throw salt into our wound. If instead of blaming them, we move inward to our hearts; we have the blessed opportunity to heal.

Learning to live more and more fully from our an inner communion with heart and soul creates wa

ves of unconditional compassion for ourselves and for others. When we realize that this human experience is painful, we see that we are all hurting in different ways. When we can shift our perspective from feeling like we’ve been victimized by something outside us to realizing that this pain is inherent within us, then we soften. As we soften, we deepen into ourselves in ways that relax the defensive patterns and allow for more presence, rather than fearful story telling.

This presence feels like a homecoming.  Now, there may be moments when we realize that everything had to play out as painfully as it did, for us to finally be willing to come home. All the ways in which we play out separation are perfect. When we are ready we learn to pause and communion or come into union with our true nature. As we begin to orient more and more fully from our true nature, it becomes our residence. We may still experience very painful situations and we know we can come home. We can remind ourselves to do whatever will quiet our minds, whatever will soften our hearts, whatever will return us to our soul. Sometimes we take a quiet walk in nature, or a soothing bath, drink lots of water,  hold our dog, cry into a pillow or journal our feelings, hold. We learn to do whatever works in the moment to soften into the truth of our being.

As we let go, we allow everything to simply be as it is. We stop fighting, struggling, deceiving, running, controlling. We breathe into our beingness. Now we can notice that we have an inner world. In this world there is a vast, uncomprehensible reality that is soulful and heartfelt. No one has truly ever hurt us here. We are not victimized. We can begin to see that everything that happened is perfectly orchestrated for our awakening. When we are within this grace, there is nothing to forgive. There is such a palpable awareness of love that we’re able to see why we may have been hurt or why we may have hurt others. We can see beyond the veils of separate illusion and embrace everyone, every experience, everything as having contributed to our wholeness, to the awakening of our heart and soul.

Every great human being has endured and forgiven. This allows for a transcending of the experience.  Our heart and soul are the vehicles for this transformation. As we cultivate this way of being, communion becomes our home base. We know longer dwell in the suffering, we return as quickly as possible, seeing more and more quickly the truth we are needing to embrace about ourselves.  When we are awaken, we realize that we never really leave this home, that we have never truly left this home. We simply chose to play out experiences in order to evolve. When we have learned particular lessons or have evolved beyond the need for having to experience this through others than the experience stops, is no longer an attractive choice.

Older souls, feel the familiarity of this cycle. Letting go more quickly and deepening into one’s self allows for more clarity and more ease to respond with. Then the outer circumstances are secondary to the inner learning taking place. We respond from our hearts and souls and the old story is left behind. Going in more deeply and acting from a more complete sense of self brings relief. Others may or may not support or even understand this shift. What you begin to see is that this doesn’t matter as much. It is difficult to explain this to others. It is your communion with your heart and soul. By acting from this deeper inner knowing you will be relating to your world from a growing sense of peace and well being.

This is the peace the transcends the understanding of the world. You are now living as the greatest vehicle for peace in your world and on this planet. Let others be curious and wonder how you move through life’s challenges with more grace and ease. Forgive them their lack of understanding and live your life as the example.

Trusting this Dance

Finding ourselves is a deep, lonely, often painful walk into the unknown. There is an almost constant feeling of shedding skin…more and more and more. Often, I am unrecognizable. There is no landing. Just a deeper and deeper dropping into. Nothing to hold onto…we fall into this abyss. Or so it feels to be a dark emptiness. Rarely would you meet anyone who would understand this or even want to. The aloneness feels unnerving at times, yet, superficial connections feel boring.

I am here, yet, I do not know what i am at this point. There is so much shedding that I am raw and I feel a pervasive sadness for having undertaken this life. Had I known it would hurt this much I would never have begun. That this undoing would rip all meaning from my life and leave me so vulnerably naked. That my hot tears will bring no relief…I know. At this point all one can do is shed the tears, helping the lingering fears to soften, to melt. I would wish this pain on no one. Yet, I know this is for everyone. There is the undeniable awareness that we will all journey a similar path of undoing.

I walk ahead and may it lighten the load of those that follow. A reprieve is here. I am softer, a deeper layer broken through…a painful wall relinquished. And so it is…walls, barriers, pain, suffering, sadness, release, reprieve…new territory. I am a bit relieved. I am still here in someway. Yet, I know nothing of what I am.
What is there now…there is only trust. All else is empty.

So, I feel inward and I ask for help. Help me be here now. I cry…so lonely in this passage. Lonely in so many ways, for so long, for so many days. Letting go of old ways, of past days, of memories, of people, of hopes, of dreams.
I am an empty basket…not needing to be filled…just letting the tears melt what’s left.

I don’t know where I am going. I don’t really know where I’ve been. I am learning to trust in my heart and this moment. Breathe with me…let’s be with the tenderness within our hearts…just breathing…slowing down…breathing even more slowly…gently. What does it feel like to trust? Does it mean dropping into the smallest form of connection…like our breathe? Does it mean letting this be enough for this moment? Just breathing. Fear waves moving through…yet, still trusting that my breath is enough. I feel some bodily pain and my mind resisting…just breathing into all this…trusting.

Like a frightened child trusts their mommy’s soft voice ‘everything is going to be ok sweet heart.’ We learn to trust this breath and to treasure this simple way home. We trust that we will breathe and it will be ok. We will still be here in someway, in some form. We change, we evolve, we unwind, we unfold. There is presence here now. We trust that we are this presence and although it hurts like crazy mad, we still trust that this homecoming is what we are here for. The old ways just don’t work well anymore. The games are dried out, empty. No real escapes left, no one to blame…just this letting go and this rising trust.

Beginning as simple as breath, then simple noticing, I am here…some heart ache beginning to soften, a little more ease and even some grace…beautiful music playing and I feel I am beginning to dance again. To rise up from the ashes of a worn out life, yet, again and again and again…I arise for this dance. Gracefully, like a rose subtly beginning to bloom…her petals delicately opening to the morning sun…calling her exquisiteness forth.

It is time…time to open, my dear. Breathe and trust that you are here. What was no longer needed has fallen away.
Death in all her powerful surrender has taken what has worn out away from you and now you may live again. A new life begins…lighter and yet, she is wary…how will she dance now. Where will she dance? With whom will she dance? Tears for all those she has loved and released. All those she wished to dance forever with…leaving the dance floor. She dances every move from the pain of her hearts grieving for all those she has loved and released… so many souls, for so many lifetimes. Once again she dances alone…never wanting to feel this again, yet, knowing this is human love. To love with all our hearts and to dance this fully into our magnificence.

We are so old. Have known and loved so many, yet, the truest dance is within this aloneness, where our hearts are broken open and now the sun begins to shine once again. There is new ground…a settling of the emotional waves and a resting. There is no need to dance right now…just trust. Simply breathing into the life, death and rebirth which is dancing us now.

Purity of Intent

white lotus

Sometimes life seems to throw us all around. I wonder what it’s all about? I’m revisiting old painful ways of relating and there is also a newness arising. I am seeing through the façade of old unloving ways. I’m noticing that there is a truth or clarity present as I continue to seek out the love within my own heart. There is a purity here and relentless longing to open to real love.

I feel into the pangs of old ways, that are still quite familiar. Overworking, over reaching, feeling unworthy, afraid to stop, afraid of ongoing aloneness, the silence. Yet, this is all fading away, as I relax instead of overwork, reach inwardly rather than outwardly, slow down, cultivate patience and rest into the silence more than the seeking. I feel a genuine worthiness at home within myself…the aloneness is deeply fulfilling.

This is my true home. Everything is empty outside this. I feel more
restful, less desirous. Needing to prove anything is becoming an old memory, a relentless ghost that is letting go. I am simply here. Finding my way through openness, an open hand. The clenching hand is relaxing now. Just letting go into this intimate awareness. There is a softening acceptance. We are this when we are free.

Long journey…still a bit tired and a little weary. Yet, there is a comfort in finding home. I notice that there is an ease here that is almost never present when I’m with most people. Do you notice this too? There are no urgent tasks, other than what you may need to relax. A few deep breaths, a releasing of the outer world and just sinking into this purity. All is well in this home. All is quiet. There is a growing serenity.

Breathing into my heart. My heart is here, is yours? Yes, I feel our hearts are in peace. I am worthy of this peace, are you? Say with me, ‘I am worthy of this peace. I am worthy of this love. No matter what, I am worthy. I am free to choose this. This is my home.’

Now, we notice the walls we have put into place in and around us that block this purity, this peace, this love from entering.

Am I not good enough and so I keep sabotaging connections that I value? Do I fight to prove my worth, only to lose everything I valued?

Am I unlovable and do I continually choose people who will let me down, disappoint me? Am I afraid to be seen and do I hide my true greatness and inner beauty with people who cannot see my true nature.

Am I afraid to give up the games and so I play them to exhaustion? Am I feeling invalidated and am I desperately seeking outer recognition that is never truly fulfilling?

Please write more in your own journal. Let these blocks tumble down now.

Stop playing these empty games out with yourself an with all others. It is divine right that YOU ARE WORTHY OF THIS PEACE. It is what you are most worthy of.

Let’s recognize this fully together. Reflect on some of the above games that you are playing…how does it feel inside? Not so good…empty, tiring, exhausting. Right?

Breathe into your inner sanctuary, allow this purity in for a few moments. How does this feel? A relief…freeing, softening, even loving. Right?

You can come home to this peace now, but you have to surrender one thing.

This one thing is the willingness to stop playing games within your heart. Everyone has an impeccable truth teller within them. We can play the separation games out, always trying to obtain something. Notice, there is never any lasting peace. Only temporary reprieve from the insatiable desiring for……you fill in the thousands of ways you are pulled away from your peace every moment.

When we can pause this cause and effect cycle and feel into our peaceful home, then the separation game begins to stop. Will I go unloved, unseen, invalidated? No you will begin to feel a deep well of peace and love that will fill you in real and lasting ways. All the emptiness from all the separation games will fill in with this love for yourself and for others. Slowly, as you stop playing the old games, you will feel a peace that strengthens your worthiness. From this worthiness, true self esteem arises and you begin to feel more lightness filling within you. Bypassing the painful way, opening to the loving way.

Now there is guidance from the heart, the sacred truth teller. When your heart speaks to you. Stop, listen and act. Cultivate this…stop, listen and act. I encourage you to stop playing the games. They offer less and less and take more and more of your heart and soul, leaving you with a very painful emptiness, a soulessness. Some will lose everything and still continue the separation from heart and soul.

We have played this out many lifetimes and now we can come home. The doorway is open. Take my hand. If we are to continue, we must bring each other home now. Stop the games, listen to your heart and soul and take right, timely action. Be the worthy, noble being that you truly are. Let this inner peace and love direct you through the games, unhooking you from the separation of your outer directed world.

Welcome to the purity of your true nature. Now you can fill the vessel with the peace and love that you are. I assure you all else is coming from your inner separation and thus it is perpetuating separation. Healing of separation is temporary. Coming home is eternal.

eternally yours;
Call for an extraordinary home coming.