The Power of Love


There is only thing that will dispel all the illusions of this world. What we seek for, long for, die for is love. Nothing else will bring comfort to your pain, hope to your despair, reprieve from the dessert of the mind. Only love will quench the starving pangs that we are all suffering in. We have dried up in ourselves and on this plant from greed. We want more and are insatiable for more money, more homes, more gadgets, more toys. This planet is dying from a lack of love.

We have more than enough for everyone here, yet, we are starving. We are greedy victims of separation. We believe if we can just get enough, we will be enough. When do we ever have enough? I see many people who have luxurious lives. Many of these people are consumed with their wealth…while others, usually with far less are generously caring for the impoverished.

I have walked away from many possibilities of being cared for by very wealthy men. Somehow I knew that without heart and soul there is poverty. I knew my heart and soul would die and I would end up starving inside myself, craving the next thing that money can buy.

My soul had a greater plan for me and so does yours. Inundating ourselves with extreme comfort creates complacency. We become lazy, unable to feel into our depths. We dry out and learn to manipulate for everything. We use our looks, money and emotional ploys. We con, we lie, we do anything to seek the advantage in the situation. We escape into too much pleasure and we avoid the quieter heart and soul direction.

We don’t look inward. We become consumed with the outer world and our need to feel ‘powerful’. I encourage now to drop out of this old way. It has reached the law of diminishing returns on our planet. It’s easy for anyone to see the diminishing resources, global warming, millions of animals tortured and killed everyday so we can have a lobster tail or big burger for dinner. Do you ever reflect on what that animal went through before entering your mouth? Do you even care? Is everything here on this beautiful planet for our consumption? Where are benevolent hearts?

The Hopi Indians speak of ‘One Heart’ as being the source of our love. When we are willing to pause the vicious consumption wheel and ask am I really ever fulfilled through this perpetual cycle? Is the momentary gratification of eating the burger, manipulating for money at work, lying or running from your loved ones, using your physical body to attract sexually…is this fulfilling?

Where is this One Heart? Our soul is the entry way to this love. This planet has become soulless and it is dying. The heart of Earth has been consumed and the soul has been denied. Every time we act soullessly we are participating in this heartlessness. When will stop this vicious cycle?

When I was in college, I remember an experiment where frogs where placed in water in a pot on the stove. The heat was gradually turned up higher and higher. The frogs never jumped out. They died. The lid was off, they could jump out at any point. This is what we are doing on our planet and to each other. The heat has turned way up on earth. The polar caps are melting. The heat index has risen to the point where there is extreme irreversible damage. People, even children are shooting each other. We are overmedicated and we are sick. Without love we will all die.

Rumi says ‘seek not for love, but to remove the barriers to love. Our separate minded ways are our barriers. Until we can walk through the fires of our own deep seated fears, we cannot love. When we drop down to our knees and say it is enough, I am ready and willing to come home. I have seen enough. I can no longer turn my back on this planet, its people and all its animals and wildlife. Show me the way. Make me an instrument of thy peace.

This begins the passage to the inner depths which require a complete surrender. We must be willing to let go of all these depletive ways. We must be willing to see our part in this big picture of our earths demise. In order to do this we must come home first to ourselves. Devotion to waking up is a requirement on our planet now. It isn’t a choice we can make next lifetime or after we have our steak dinner. We are here to awaken within our being and to then to participate whole heartedly in the restoration of our planet and our family…all peoples, animals and wildlife.

We can no longer wait for leaders to come and to clean up this mess. We cannot continue to consume as if there were no end. We cannot keep incarcerated the wounded and torturing all the animals and stand by as children are beaten, prostituted or shoot each other. We must seek solace, wisdom and integral action from within our hearts. There is no where else to look, no one to go to, no one else to rescue us from this mess that we have participated in creating. We all have an extremely important part to play in us waking up in our wholeness.

I ask you now…are you ready? Do you feel your soul. Can you stop the greed cycle of your mind? Drop into the depths with me now. Breathe in come home with me. There is a sacred passage within all of us that leads to our soul. Are you ready to enter this most powerful of places where lasting fulfillment resides? Do you need to manipulate a few more people first? Are you ready to move through the suffering, the survival, the empty ploys of separation?

If you have said yes, then lets go inward deeper than before. Let’s go to your soul. Breathe life into your soul. Allow your soul to feel this welcome call. Breathe into this reunion. This is your homecoming. You can travel anywhere, you can talk with anyone, you can grab at anything…yet, I assure you this is your only home. Until this becomes the space where you reside moment to moment, you will always come up empty handed no matter what you surround yourself with.

Let’s dive in deeply now. Welcoming the union of heart and soul. When the soul becomes your true home, your love, that which is your birthright, flows to heal and relieve all your suffering. Others can guide and direct, but this homecoming is full in its ability to bring your heart back to you. Then you will not give your emptiness out. You will discern how to truly love. You will quench your own starvation and you will know how to be of benevolent service. As this shift occurs, your richness will fulfill your deepest longings. You no longer feel the need to grab as much, or to manipulate, twist, make life happen.

Life is now beginning to flow through you. Let this love energy flow unobstructed. Pause, reflect on how you are tightening down on the flow or how you are giving way beyond your hearts capacity at any given point. Notice, within the silence of your soul what your mind is doing. Just simply notice. Drop your judgments and just be aware of what you and others around you are doing. Let the love flow more freely now. Forgive your thoughts and behaviors. Forgive theirs. Just allowing love to flow, to heal, to replenish your broken heart. Laugh with me at the absurdity of this world, at yourself at each other. Loosen up the death grip and having to make life turn out in the old ways.

Ask for miracles. Be the magic your world is calling for. Be childlike again. See the innocence that is desperately seeking to arise within each heart from our souls. Become a full participant in the One Heart of this planet. As Gandhi said ‘be the change you’re looking for.’ Do what you truly came here to do. Find your home and learn to care again in every moment, care fully.

If you feel you need to eat animals, pause like Native Americans did be grateful for the animal who gave their life for your life. Own your cons, lies and manipulations by apologizing to the other person every time. Behaviors like these allow one to be part of the interconnectedness, the one heart healing all us, each other and this planet. There really is no other way. We cannot continue to try to deceive ourselves or any one else. The joke is on us, it is we who are perpetuating our separation and our suffering when we refuse to take responsibility for all our actions.

Pause again with me and commune with your soul. Ask now is there a better way for me? Ask for your angels and spirit guides to help with this transition to a new way of life.

‘I ask for your divine assistance for my resurrection to this heart opened way. I wish to align fully to the One Heart that is here for us all through my own heart and soul. I take the right actions I am guided to take now, now and every moment from now. I love and forgive all suffering and all those who participated with me. This has all happened to bring me to this moment where I can now wake up in my own divinity and participate fully wherever I am. I release all victim stories and there residual pain from my heart and soul. I am empowered to live here in this way, fully supported through my own heart and soul. I think, speak and act in a timely and fully committed way. I take right action as I am directed to take from my heart and soul. Make me an instrument of thy peace and enable me to create from heart and soul and be the difference that would bring deep abiding fulfillment for all.’

Commune in these ways with your heart and soul. Empty your vessel of empty ways. Allow this enrichment to fertilize all the barren places. Live in peaceful, grateful and joyous ways. Refuel and regenerate through your inner communion daily…everyday. Make this a way of life, until this is your entire life.

Now, you are the living, flowing example to all of the immense power of love. I assure you…your life will be an inspiration to all…there is no other power. None.

with powerful love;

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