Twin Flames


Many of us have been here forever or so it feels. We’re called the old souls. We are bored with the same old story being replayed a million times. We know it well. It continues to take on new faces and new logistics, yet it keeps replaying the same wounded empty feeling.

When we are learning, it plays out in time and space at a slow tedious, painstaking learning curve. Until one is ready to come home to the soul.

Now there is instant knowing and recognition of what is needed to be learned and the transformation through lessons learned is instantaneous. There is a bypass of the suffering incurred on the repetitive karmic wheel of lessons being repeated over and over and over.

When this instantaneous knowing is embraced and utilized, then the soul opening is sped up enormously. You no longer need to play the painstakingly slow learning process out with people. You can stop, integrate the learning and move with the rhythms of your soul.

When you are ready, you will meet your twin flame. Someone equally dedicated to making a soulful difference in this world. Your coming together will quickly show you the ways in which you are out of balance with your soul. It will be felt and it will create great pain within you both.

This is the blessed opportunity to face one’s karmic lessons rapidly and to heal into wholeness through the powerful mirror being held up. Nothing can show you what you have been running and hiding from quicker than this reflection from your beloved.

This is not an opportunity to play out any old games. For they will be seen through quickly by the one who knows you as he knows himself. At this profound level of knowing everything is seen and revealed.

The transparency is unnerving. It is pure nakedness that unleashes the fullest soul power in both. This is the most terrifying revelation to the ego. It is the most unconditionally loving oneness when the relationship is embraced and honored fully.


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