Freedom through Expansion

10801809_461742647323307_5220788256347738657_nAs we open our minds, our perception of reality shifts. The mind is like a vessel and is use to holding the same information based on past experiences.

When we experience unexpected circumstances there is the opportunity to grow, evolve, to expand within this new situation.

These experiences catch us with our guard or defenses down and so they enter into us at a deeper level of understanding.

If we flow with this disruptive energy, it will shift us into a whole new way of being.

Change is uncomfortable for some, yet it is the entry way into a new reality. Usually we change some of our thinking, which enables us to see our world differently.

An example is the world being flat and then it was round. It’s the same world and perception has changed.

We can open our minds and enhance our perceptions through a more expansive mindset…allowing the mindset to drop as much as possible, will create the greatest freedoms.

We trust that what we need to know arises in the moment. We feel lighter and have more room in ourselves and with each other to care more fully.

Less mindset, less drama, more real connection to what resides below all the surface stuff. With more spaciousness there is more freedom to flow with what is arising in your world and to discern your next move.

Keeping it simple is the source of freedom…always has been…complicated mindsets create intense mental orientation which diminishes the capacity to experience the sweetness of life.

Open to your greatest freedom by letting go of this old orientation and feel the new exhilirating adventurous energy arise from your heart and soul.

A true gift to yourself…


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