The Most Amazing Quality

10380921_1425142177756586_4535590518486235556_nEvery single person with every kind of issue has taught me one very amazing quality.

When I say hello, I never know what kind of adventure I am about to embark on.

I have been with and shifted everything imaginable, from hearing loss, to can’t get pregnant, why did my husband take his life, my son has walking pnuemonia, my wife wants to divorce me, principal needing help with her challenging students, yoga teachers wanting to create new hybrid work, I have dark entities ruining my life, life threatening allergies…and on and on.

The one most important quality I absolutley know that is essential for a breakthrough is LOVE. I’ve learned that when I am connecting with someone, if my heart is open to them, if I’m truly curious about what is happening in their life and I trust the specific words and amazingly transformative energy coming through me…


Isuues, challenges, hearing, eye sight, allergies…everything shifts.

With love magic happens.

And this is not excusive to my work…an open heart is like an open doorway for the unexplainable miracles of life to travel through.

With an ailgnment to source, your heart allows blessings that are way beyond the minds ability to comprehend, to manifest.

These are literally mind blowing and consciousness expanding.

Rememeber the one powerful quality that enables all this amazing shifting to occur is an open heart…the open doorway for LOVE and MAGIC to flow through.


Andrea Jackson 303-545-5485

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