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I’m a Soul Whisperer (TM) and my work is amazing because I am listening deeply to the profund messages from your soul. Your soul knows all that you are and will ever be. It is the source of your easiest and most direct guidance to healing, transformation and awakening.

We’ve created a whole world that is most often a distraction from being able to feel, sense and hear the messages that would bring you directly home to your true nature and to live a life on purpose.

After 18 years of spiritual emmersion, followed by 3 years in solitude, listening and writing from my inner teacher,  I experienced a full awakening.  I soon realized that I have always had the gift of being able to shift from these distractions and directly communicate what would heal, transform and awaken people and animals, wherever they are whatever their suffering was.

People were able to hear and see again, ordinary housewives experienced awakening. The list is endless!

I learned that I was moving around in time and space in ways that were beyond what I could explain. I could direct my awareness to wherever my client was, whether it was New York or Australia or Canada; space or distance never diminished the results.

My client’s mother in Massachusettes was in intense panic after having heart surgery. I placed my hand on her heart and within seconds she stopped ripping her IV’s out and relaxed completely, as reported by my client. I was here In Boulder, Colorado when I did this. This is common for me.

I could also move around in time, I would know where the issue, blockage, barrier originated in time and with who and would clear it at that time point forward. I have future vison and awareness and easily offer action steps that will lead to the greatest potential.

I am in communion with your soul, together, with my gift to communicate directly, shifts occur rapidly often instantly.

As this doorway to your soul has been opened, you will also begin to feel, sense and hear this magnificent presence within you. This is the voice for God or Source coming through your soul. It is the direct awareness of what you are guiding, leading you into your greatest fulfillment.

Allow me to open this door for you, as Pundit Sanjay, a world renowned teacher from India said to me ‘Andrea you do Atma Sudhi, you open the doorway for their soul to come through. This is far greater than what your country calls healing. When your soul comes through, your suffering, illness, issues will clear instantly.’

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