Sweet Surrender



Coming home, two become one, surrendering into none. When we feel the juicy awareness of our humanness and it is being ignited by another hotly alive human in passion, in wonder and in mesmerizing awakening, then we must learn the fine art of presence.

This my sweet one is not the time to drift or to distract. This is the compelling calling of one soul to the other…join me, be here, freely, unencumbered be here. Dance with the juices that flow, igniting the fires down below and deep within.

This is a powerful home coming…to the deepest recesses from which your essential nature thrives. It may begin in a gently whispering call…I am here for you…let go…come with me now…take my hand…breathe…open your arms, uncross your legs, …set your mind free.

Allow the waves of energy to move…feel the undulating waves beginning, rising up your legs, freeing everything they touch.

Body moves without mind, heart effusively spills out its love all over, warming, healing, purifying…opening for soul. Union, no differentiation, no separation, a lovely ‘isness’ shared.

Bringing two home to see within each others eyes, between each others hearts that there is just this one.

One dancing in the fires of forgiveness of all, in complete relinquishment of self. Beingness responds to pure energy, the waves intense, yet so pleasurable in their opening of all that is no longer needed.

Flooding the senses, legs shuddering, the yoni and ligam joined eternally in all that is real.

The sweat, the tingling, the quivering, the burn, the deep anguish, the surrender into this ecstatic moment.

No you cannot keep this. You may never even return. You know what it is…it is the vast expansive well from which all of life arises and yet, you cannot hold onto this. It is too deep, too unfathomable for humanness.

You can open your heart, share your love, more and more and more. You can dance to the rhythm of your soul and embrace and embody the entire galaxy within your movement.

You can witness the demise of our beloved planet and breathe with awe inspired knowing that there will always be this….when all else passes.

In union there is knowing. In separation there is ignorance. To come home is to know the game is over.

The dance now dances me…..loving me all the way home. ¬†I am the eternal dancer to the beloved lover…in this knowing i am ¬†complete…

Dance home with me now…




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