The Heart of A Woman



A woman is a wise and wonderous being. Within the chambers of her heart are mesmerizing secrets to eternal life, to a love that heals all separation and to the divine awareness that awakens all mankind.

Hidden away are all these treasures and cloaked within the mystery of God incarnate. To know one’s heart is to allow it to unfold as the sun beckons the rose to bloom. The warmth allows the cool even cold passages of separation to melt into the timeless knowing of union. Often there is a deep agonizing wale that is transmitted over weeks, months, sometimes lifetimes for all the suffering that has been endured.

The woman feels this wether she allows herself to truly feel this or not.  Her DNA feels this, for within her being is creation. She has come to create life, love everlasting, all else is pain and when dwelt upon becomes suffering.

Because of her magic, mystery and majesty, her innate power, woman has been burned at the stake, raped, circumcised, hidden in black robes, raped out of her innocence, beaten into submission as she cries in anguish for all the people’s of her world.

If her heart is open and in blooming she feels this for the entire planet and deeply, deeply knows the mistake of mankind. To harm life is pain. To perpetuate this harm is suffering. To prolong suffering is to die.

Within her womb is life and within her heart his love and within her soul is eternity. Within the mysteries of the feminine this is known. Yet, it has been blocked, subjugated away, hidden beyond reach in many a woman. Servant to an old paradigm, woman has forsaken her majesty.

This old way is wreaking of death. To embrace this shadow, is to know that woman has forsaken her strength for man. That she has subjugated her truth and that as she dies a slow death, so does her home earth and her humanity.

Within her heart is the strength that will rekindle this world…that will light a new way with love, with awareness of all that is and will come to be. When man loves woman, it enhances the love within and beckons it to flow forth. In love all things are made whole. In loving the woman the man is restored to his powerful divine masculine and woman receives this light. Her heart flames are ignited and the love bursts forth overflowing to restore humanity to its creative potential.

Death and destruction have been an intricate part of our experiencing. We have culminated in learning through duality. We are now bearers of a new way…to live, love and rejoice in celebration of what until now has been cloaked in mystery.

There is an awakening. As the Dali Lama said ‘it is the western woman who will save this world.’ The truth runs clearly through the heart. In essence it is the soul. The heart opens and awakens through many, many karmic cycles of life, death and rebirth. Yet, now the heart can open through a transfer or transmission from one loving soul to another.

This is spreading and we are awakening. Women and men are fast learning and seeing and experiencing the interconnectedness of all. We have tears for our kidnapped sisters in India sold into marriage at 8 years old. We applaud all the countries banning GMO’s and we abhore the bleeding of the earth from fracking. For we know, so deeply that we are one.

What we do to one we do to all. Like the aspen tree we are tethered. Cut one branch and the others are off balance. Frack the earth and mine all the gems and pesticide the land…what do we have? A betrayal of our mother. Women feel this in their hearts and perhaps brave, aware men do as well.

May the women of this earth rise up now together in outrage and wale for all that has been meaninglessly destroyed and let us with our hearts send waves of purifying love for forgiveness of all.



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