The Divine Feminine


The divine feminine is a sacred space within every woman where real love, purity and sanctuary exist. It is an honor to enter into a woman’s sacred space. This occurs through any form of intimacy; wether it is spiritual, emotional, mental or physical.
Learning the art of intimacy with a woman is coming home to your Self. It is a journey that begins by bravely entering into the mystery within ourselves and trusting in the the mystical ways in which truth reveals itself. These are ways of being that most are afraid of.
This is where real sacred healing and transformation occur on all levels.
Through your own increasing clarity and your partners courage to share the truth, you will see the parts of yourself that you have hidden from yourself and the world. You will also realize how being truly naked on all levels creates the vehicles for intimacy and deep profound healing of core level wounds: vulnerability, deep honesty and transparency.
Most humans have been deeply wounded and are defended around their wounds. It is absolutley necessary to have a safe guide who can see and penetrate the defenses and through awareness see, name and clear the wounds.
I have named this ‘coming into union’ communion. Until we come home to our true inner self, we are like lost children looking for love and approval from outside ourselves.
Recieving the right, sacred help can bring you completely home within yourself, playing in dishonorable ways will burn both people over time…it’s time to come home to your inner bliss…
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