Spiritual Bypass



Superficial spirituality is spiritual bypass. When we share spiritually through our full alignment with source, then we offer real spiritual awareness.
When we have delved into and moved through the many inner layers of shadow which arise through our human relating and have come full circle into the light…we are home….now we can offer what would bring another home (if they are ready).
We may feel wobbly and vulnerable from this journey. But we now have access to our hearts innate wisdom and we can orient from our soul’s deeper insights.
This is the ultimate journey.
There are many, many layers of shadow that are traversed. When we can access our inner guidance system, we no longer have to rely on the extremely limited, fearful interpretations from your mind and frm others.You can learn to open to deep profound inner truth, insights and awarenes.
I can help you access these truths and you will have an inner guidance system that will enable you to truly understand what you are journeying through and how to move with grace and ease.
Awakening is the greatest adventure possible…inner space is the final fronteir…join me…
thank you for all the requests for sessions…I have 1 space left for this week.
Andrea Jackson Awakening-Coach

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