Soulful Awakening is embodied presence through
sustained awareness and joyful well-being

Realize the expansiveness of “what you are”
by releasing the limitedness of “who you think you are.”

What feels like heavy swamp water transforms into a clear refreshing lake.

Welcome Friends:
I have clear intuition and an awakening presence that efficiently and effectively clears unconscious patterns and steps you into joyful embodied awakening.

This inner adventure creates amazing expansive results that are tremendously freeing and empowering.

Self-defeating “Achilles heel patterns” rapidly shift making space for soul purpose with direction.

Experience mutually beneficial connections that are conscious, and caring and your personal “Joylist” that expands and uplifts y inwardly and outwardly. 

World-renowned recognition for Andrea’s Soulful Awakening has come from Deepak Chopra, India’s Pundits, Auyruvedic Physicians, Guru’s, Yogi’s, Buddhist Teachers, and American Physicians.

This shift is beyond third-dimensional time and space. These amazing results are over the phone and face to face with Zoom.
Love transcends all:

This is your wake up call 303-545-5485


‘Andrea is the most amazing energy worker and awakening facilitator that I have ever known and in the most joyful manner that can be experienced teaches people to see and realize their magnificence and to really live a life of joy, happiness, and authenticity.

Andrea places a precise mirror to our faces and allows us to see our greatness, what our gifts are and how we can best bring them to others for the planet’s benefit.’

Through the years that I have worked with Andrea, I have been inspired by the spiritual gifts and insights that her words have brought to so many people especially myself.  Whether it is through one on one sessions, groups or through public speaking, Andrea provides extraordinary guidance from that deepest place of wisdom, clarity, and understanding, and her words truly, magically catalyze and transform miraculously.

When I say these things I say them based upon my own direct experiences and as a practical and grounded business professional that has risen to the very top of his profession through Andrea’s work.

These words that I am now using I mean quite literally and not in any esoteric way.
Blessings to you;
Paul S. Kleinman, President Rocky Mountain Financial Network
TM Facilitator for 36 years

“My deepest gratitude for the miracles that come from your work. Even though we are thousands of miles away, your work prevails. Within moments, my darkest hour turned into strength, awareness, integration & transformation. It was truly miraculous. My entire family benefited. Life is a beautiful place with Andrea.”  Caroline McCrane,VA

Clear suffering!
Create a joyful life!
End all your victim patterns!
Align with awareness & intuition!
Experience joyful, expansive freedom!


* Clear your hidden self-defeating patterns
Transform all challenges into breakthrough
* Align with your purpose & direction through clear, precise inner guidance

“Live this one wild and precious life!” Mary Oliver

This is your wake up call: 303-545-5485