Are You Ready for a Miraculous Shift?

You Will Experience Rapid:
Release of unconscious patterns,
a shift into conscious empowerment,
and ongoing success in every area of your life. 


Andrea has a Transformative Awakening Presence that facilitates your awareness, awakening & amazing shifts in all areas of your life. Suffering patterns shift instantly each session into clear, ongoing success.
This is not slow, pain-staking THERAPY.
You will shift in  miraculous ways from the first session on!unnamed
I rapidly clear your “Achilles Heel” pattern that is sabotaging your life and I walk you into a self realized life. The benefits are inner and outer peace, vibrant well-being, conscious, caring relationships, and fulfillment through soulful contribution .  


“God’s grace is in all of your work. Love, Deepak Chopra.”
“Andrea is a leader and expert in the field of Transformative Awakening. She has an International Phone Clientele for over 30 years. Andrea is endorsed by global evolved thought leaders, a few are: Deepak Chopra, India’s Divine Mother, Mukunda Stiles, Jim Dreaver, Pundit Sanjay, and Dr. Vajra Mishra.”

Are You Ready?
Release suffering!
End victim patterns!
 the life you love!
Experience true intimacy!
Resolve fear-based patterns!
Breakthroughs in all areas of life!
Align with your heart, soul & intuition!
the blocks to living your full potential!
  Transform your life, relationships & profession!
  Release the old~to make way for your greatest life!

* Align with your soul
* Clear all self defeating patterns
* Connect with your inner knowing
* Align with your Soul’s Greatest Vision
* Shift into your uniquely creative flow
* Release resistance to your greatest successes
* Utilize forgiveness, grace & gratitude as a way of life
* Expand unconditional love for yourself through inner balancing
Establish your empowerment through your soul & inner guidance
* Listen & follow your inner guidance for dependable clear direction
* Consciously navigate your outer world & clearly communicate to others
* Ignite your imagination so that creativity springs forth from inside you
* Transform your pain, challenges & obstacles into your greatest empowerment

* Establish a balanced, stable, holistically healthy life style through action steps
* See, support & actualize your purpose, the most important reason you are here
* Actualize your greatest contribution towards the well being of our planet
* Experience breakthrough energy that transforms your reality completely
* Visualize future events that activate their reality
* Experience a quantum shift 

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I will explain & give you a sample of how this process will transform YOUR world! 
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 227325_1731027755047_2950967_n“My deepest gratitude for the miracles that come from your work. Even though we are thousands of miles away, your work prevails. Within moments, my darkest hour turned into strength, awareness, integration & transformation. It was truly miraculous. My entire family benefited. Life is a beautiful place with Andrea.”  Caroline McCrane,VA