How this happens

b49f2e30-9e08-4af7-9538-f2e9e36fe741Genuine Happiness occurs when you live from what you innately know. Learning to follow your intuition, your inner knowing, will open up your life in the most amazing and adventurous ways.

You experience an ease and grace that is light hearted, magical and refreshing.

When you resist This, you repeat painful lessons that turn into suffering.

I’ve helped hundreds of people worldwide learn to hear, follow through and live amazing lives through my ability to activate their soul connection and direct communication. I’ve witnessed countless miracles through this shifting, like eye sight and hearing restored.

‘The secret behind miracles, is that the person performing them begins without any knowledge whatsoever of exactly how they will succeed… yet still they begin.’

Having a quiet ‘beginner’s mind’ and communicating from inner knowing has brought forth ongoing simple, yet miraculous results and solutions to all forms of suffering, for your greatest happiness, as well as for our planets evolution.

All we have to do is listen, say yes and follow through.
 Andrea Jackson

Deepening into Soul Realization

Your Soul is your inner being; consciously aware of all that you are and all that you have come into existence to be. You are the Creator and your Soul is your Master Guide. With clear and confident knowledge and direction, your Soul furthers you into your greatest, happiest life. 

Once you begin to live from your more expansive soulful nature, your sabotaging stories will end quickly. When you are in communion with your soul, you realize that there is a  loving presence within you, which brings forth the greatest possibilities for you and for those around you.

As you cultivate this communion, there is an unparalleled ease and grace, a deeper peaceful silence and a sensitive, unconditional love for all that is. 

Activating Your Soul Gifts

As you learn to hear, sense and follow your souls direction, you will begin to experience an empowerment through your actions. When you cease to compromise this connection, direction and follow through, you will begin manifesting your soul gifts consistently. This requires a profound shift to intentionally creating from the inside out. Your unique gifts are seen, cultivated and supported to contribute to your greatest happiness and fulfillment and to the evolution of humanity. You will radiate and shine from your heart and soul…this is homecoming…this is Soulful Awakening.

Soulful Awakening brings you completely out of survival and into thriving through honoring and celebrating your unique, Soulfulness. This empowered confident action is the KEY to your greatest happiness.

Soul Disconnection

Are you…
Struggling with:

A  Critical mind?
Relationship Conflict?

Diminishing Happiness?
Professional Frustration?
Disempowering Relationships?
Self Sabotage? Emotional Pain?
Physical pain, allergies or illness?
A lack of Confidence? Inauthenticity?

These are some common symptoms of soul disconnection. This internal separation from your soul is the source of all suffering, illness and conflict. 

Ready to…
~Claim your power
~Honor right choices
~Commune with your soul
~Be the hero of your life story
~Prosper doing what you most love

~Love & celebrate everything in your life
~Create mutually empowering relationships

~Unconditionally love yourself no matter what


I’m a Soul Whisperer

I listen to the subtle messages coming from your soul. I speak these precise, penetrating truths that clear & dissiWIN_20151024_155838 (3)pate your self sabotaging stories, that you have probably been carrying since childhood. Ending these stories creates the silence and space to listen to your inner knowing. My clients’ validate a fast, 98% success rate.
Intuitive awareness, focused awake presence & a powerful energy transmission clear the way to catalyze your soulful awakening. Rapid health, happiness, harmony and purposeful prosperity are by-products of this shift into your soulful awakened self. The extraordinary results speak for themselves! Miraculous Results

With a 30 year traditional and alternative background in:
degrees in business, psychology, transpersonal hypnotherapy, intuitive alchemy, radiant awareness, soulful awakening, community leadership: transformational groups, retreats, vigils & festivals, many spiritual traditions, 
a lifetime of personal transformation and an awakened presence. I’ve also received world renowned recognition. International Recognition

Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate
~Carl Jung

Simple, yet Powerful

I’ve consistently cleared painful patterns, meaning the suffering doesn’t return.
In order to completely remove a dandelion, you have to remove the deep roots.

Then the pain doesn’t return.

Fortunately, I have insight and clear awareness that can see these hidden subconscious patterns that are causing your issues, pain and suffering.

Most of us have an ‘achiles heal’ pattern that has plagued us our entire life, when I begin clearing this pattern, amazing shifts occur.

Once there is enough pain relief, I can guide you towards soul realization.
As I sense and hear your soul, 
I create the bridge from where you are now and I walk you home to your soul. This metaphor is the best way I can describe what coming home is like.

You will feel relief, expansiveness, freedom from unhealthy habits and conventional thinking shifting to experiencing your courage, confidence, awareness, inner peace, well being and authentic happiness.

Because I cover whatever is holding you back…nothing important slips through the cracks. I target the significant issues blocking the most important areas of your life.

Experiencing swift breakthroughs and successes is common; often within each session. Call me now, receive a free 10′ intro sessions. I want to add you to my list of happy success stories…303-545-5485 or   Love transcends all.. Andrea

‘Andrea is the most amazing energy worker and awareness facilitator that I have ever known and in the most joyful manner that can be experienced teaches people to see and realize their magnificence and to really live a life of joy, happiness and authenticity.
*Andrea places a precise mirror to our faces and allows us to see our greatness, what our gifts are and how we can best bring them to others for the planet’s benefit.’
*Through the years that I have worked with Andrea, I have been inspired by the spiritual gifts and insights that her words have brought to so many people especially myself.
*Whether it is through one on one sessions, groups or through public speaking, Andrea provides extraordinary guidance from that deepest place of wisdom, clarity and understanding, and her words truly, magically catalyze and transform.
*When I say these things I say them based upon my own direct experiences and as a very highly practical and grounded business professional that has risen to the very top of his profession through Andrea’s work.  These words that I am now using I mean quite literally and not in any esoteric way.
Blessings to you;
Paul S. Kleinman, President Rocky Mountain Financial Network
Transcendental Meditation Facilitator for 36 years