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I am a Soul Whisperer


I’m a Soul Whisperer (TM) and my work is amazing because I am listening deeply to the profund messages from your soul. Your soul knows all that you are and will ever be. It is the source of your easiest and most direct guidance to healing, transformation and awakening.

We’ve created a whole world that is most often a distraction from being able to feel, sense and hear the messages that would bring you directly home to your true nature and to live a life on purpose.


The Most Amazing Quality

10380921_1425142177756586_4535590518486235556_nEvery single person with every kind of issue has taught me one very amazing quality.

When I say hello, I never know what kind of adventure I am about to embark on.

I have been with and shifted everything imaginable, from hearing loss, to can’t get pregnant, why did my husband take his life, my son has walking pnuemonia, my wife wants to divorce me, principal needing help with her challenging students, yoga teachers wanting to create new hybrid work, I have dark entities ruining my life, life threatening allergies…and on and on.


Freedom through Expansion

10801809_461742647323307_5220788256347738657_nAs we open our minds, our perception of reality shifts. The mind is like a vessel and is use to holding the same information based on past experiences.

When we experience unexpected circumstances there is the opportunity to grow, evolve, to expand within this new situation.

These experiences catch us with our guard or defenses down and so they enter into us at a deeper level of understanding.

If we flow with this disruptive energy, it will shift us into a whole new way of being.