“Andrea, God’s grace is in all your work.”
Love, Deepak Chopra






neil donald walsch


‘Your ministry is a blessing to the world.’

Sri Karunamaya;
India’s Great Mother



Andrea with Neal Donald Walsh at the pre-release of  ‘Conversations with God’.




“I love connecting with Andrea. Her expression of truth embodies the essence of the feminine and masculine–soft and warm, clear and unwavering. As a teacher of awareness and awakening, she delivers the goods.”
Jim Dreaver; Awakening Teacher



“Andrea is a different type of being. This is a person who is in her being. She knows what truth is. She lives for truth. This is a magnificence. I know she is unique. Andrea meets the person at the level of their suffering in order to heal them. Some souls come into this world for the purpose of meeting the darkness in others with their divinity. 
Andrea is an instrument for bringing this divinity onto the planet. Andrea is in a very True place. I bow to this in Andrea. It takes great courage for a soul to choose a life like this.
With love in truth, Om Tat Sat, Sat Shree




“You are a great spiritual teacher with lots of healing energy.  You are here to be my teacher. You have come to help me.”

Vaidya K. Mishra; World-Renowned Ayurvedic Physician



Sanjay Rath.jpg

“I knew immediately when I saw Andrea that she is a very great spiritual teacher through the Divine Mother. In India we call this Atma Sudhi; instant soul clearing.  This does not take time like healing, what she does happens instantly. She clears what is blocking your soul and opens the doorway for you to walk through. She is childlike and some may miss her teaching if they go by this. Most great spiritual teachers are childlike.”
~Pandit Sanjay; World-Renowned Vedic Astrologer

mukunda stiles

Andrea is a gifted healer and spiritual teacher to the many clients I refer to her as well as to my own spiritual growth. I highly recommend her.” Mukunda Stiles

Mukunda Stiles was my partner and an Internationally recognized Guru, Author, and Teacher. He is the author of the International Structural Yoga Therapy Program, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and many other Internationally published books. Mukunda taught me that my heart is my greatest teacher. I will never forget him or his sweet, simple humbleness.


Frank T. Salvatore

“I have worked with many world-renowned healers and spiritual teachers. Andrea has more integrity than any of them…including Jon of God and the Avatar Program. Many miracles show up when working with Andrea.”
~Dr. Frank Salvatore, MD New York

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Andrea to assist any member of your organization from management to entry-level. She will help those she works to obtain their highest level of performance.”
~Dr. Frank Salvatore, Diplomat, President NJ Medical Center


“Andrea has the unique ability to help people transform and overcome impossible situations. I highly recommend contacting Andrea if you are seeking solutions to those unsolvable dilemmas of life that obstruct happiness, peace, and satisfaction.'”~Dr. Mark Lange, N.Carolina

“I have never seen anything like this before. What Andrea does is magic. That’s the only way I can explain it. Andrea can directly connect with you, wherever you are, shift your energy, and your issue no longer exists.
I see a  large luminous star above her head.” ~ Patricia Richardson, Host of Mystical Insights TV Show, Internationally known Psychic & Author. When Patricia ‘read’ Andrea, she had no previous awareness of Andrea’s abilities

Article on Andrea:

“A third-generation healer, Andrea was fluent in astrology, numerology,  alchemy, and transformation at an early age. She first made her commitment to helping the evolution of humanity at the age of twenty-three,  when she received continual college scholarships, graduating with highest honors; summa cum laud, under immense duress.

Andrea’s amazing spirit provided the fuel for her to refine her amazing clearing & manifesting gifts so they could be offered directly to humanity. Andrea brings an extraordinary clear presence, inner connection mastery, compassion and empathy to an international phone clientele.

Every day she receives cards and letters expounding on the significant, rapid results for which she is known. She has a simple yet profound approach to healing limitations while also utilizing her innate wisdom to teach you how to succeed with your health, relationships, and profession.

She has ongoing success clearing everything from food allergies, injuries, flu, chronic fatigue, carpal tunnel, insomnia, phobias, financial lack, crisis/victim energy, intimacy and commitment difficulties.

Two days ago, over the phone, Andrea was called by the father of a three-year-old child, who was experiencing two weeks of fever, cough, and vomiting (with a diagnosis and unsuccessful medical treatment of walking pneumonia). After twenty minutes she was finished helping the young child. Within one hour thirty minutes this child’s father called to say he was eating two servings of food, was playing with his toys, and was well.”

Debra Keyes; Psychic Horizons Advanced Teacher and Owner Five Elements

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