Empowerment through an Awake Mentor

Andrea is an extraordinary mystic who transitioned through an awakening that shifted the foundation of her being — resulting in remarkable gifts that catalyze deep shifts and miraculous clearings.

Andrea is an expert in the fields of awakening and clearing for success. she has degrees in Psychology, Business Management, Hypnotherapy, Communications Specialist, Holistic Healing, Energetic Mastery, Vows in 4 traditions, and is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

She has an International Phone Clientele for over 30 years, is an author, speaker, has created Spiritually Evolved Festivals that drew over 9,00 people, transformational retreats, and Awakening Masterminds.

Andrea is endorsed by many of the world’s greatest thought leaders, like Deepak Chopra, India’s Divine Mother, and Mukunda Stiles, creator of the internationally famous Structural Yoga Therapy Program.

Five Invaluable Reasons to work with Andrea…

1. Miraculous Results:
Andrea’s awareness, awakening presence, as well as her transformational skills & abilities create amazing, unheard of results. I have never seen anyone who can create types of results. 

2. Clearing Negative Patterns for Fast Success:
Using her accurate intuition, along with her clearing gifts, Andrea targets and removes your Achilles heal patterns immediately. You will be Seen, Loved and Respected for who you truly are as you actualize your authentic self, your gifts, and your greatest success.

3. Andrea Truly Cares:
Like old fashioned doctors who made house calls because they really cared about their patients, Andrea is personally available to you. She never does more than 2 sessions a day, so you receive Andrea’s full presence, clarity, and action-oriented guidance. These are powerfully transformative, deeply intimate sessions, active and directed, not back to back, laid back sessions! 

4. Andrea’s more than an Expert:
This work is directly from Andrea’s awakened heart, soul and source. Andrea spent many years of studies earning degrees, vows & certifications, before immersing
 herself in a deep soulful solitude for 3 years. She awakened with a direct penetrating awareness, as well as gifts to clear illness, disease and most sabotaging patterns. In her own words…

“My partner, Mukunda Stiles, a world-renowned Yogi (he has passed now), sent me phone clients with every kind of issue and suffering imaginable from all around the world. 

I found I had the ability to do distance-healing/clearing with simple, yet profoundly effective suggestions to relieve and release all kinds of suffering and create ongoing success for an international clientele.

I then taught individuals worldwide through groups, classes, retreats and even created spiritual, creative festivals that drew over 9,000 people.

My clients have recovered from every issue imaginable…serious illness, allergies, autism, walking pneumonia, alcohol and drug addictions, rape trauma, fear of flying, fear of driving, hearing loss, eyesight loss, relationship conflict with spouse, with children, with employer, financial and professional, completion with loved ones who have died or committed suicide, animal issues and so much more…”

5. Andrea’s International Recognition:
Andrea is endorsed by many world renowned Spiritual Though Leaders and physicians for ongoing extraordinary results with individuals and groups.  International Recognition

‘Your true nature is so loving, clear, and brilliant. Brighter than the most exquisite shimmering diamond. Shine your essence oh beautiful one.’ Andrea


Business Management, Business Administration and Psychology degrees
Summa Cum Laude from University of West Florida

Evolutionary Leadership Program: Boulder, Colorado

Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist: Eastern Institute of Hypnotherapy

Institute for Spiritual Partnership Certified Coach: Boulder, Colorado

 Envision Kundalini Yoga Teacher: Boulder, Colorado

Non-Violent Communications: Boulder, Colorado

Spiritual Accreditation:

A Course in Miracles Teacher
Deeksha Oneness Facilitator
Reiki Master Teacher~ Avalon Institute
Ordained Christian Minister~ Full Gospel Ministry
Facilitator for the Elder Dances of Peace
Buddhist~ Bodhisattva Vows, Naropa Institute & Vipassana Silent Retreats
Hindu~ Kundalini Yoga Certification, Transcendental Meditation and Ishtar Devita Vows

Native American~ Apache Shaman Ceremony, honorary name Two Doves & Silver Eagle Necklace

Clearing & Energy Mastery:

18 years Awareness & Awakening Facilitator
15 years Soul Level Clearing: Atma Sudhi
Animal Clearing
Healing Touch Program
Body Talk
Yuen Energetics
Energy is Everything program
Insight Seminars

Additional Courses:

Non Violent Communications Advanced Level
Numerology, Human Design Program
Feng Shui, Archetypal Astrology

TV Events:

Mystical TV with Patricia Richardson

Speaking Events:

Asked to talk about miraculous results with the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists
Co- Facilitated Hearts, Hands and Voices Festivals
Colorado Vigil for the Gulf Coast Crisis
Boulder Colorado Wildfire Vigil
Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Talks 2011 & 2012
Present Moment Awareness Talks at 5 Elements in Louisville, CO

Lakewood Recreation Center
Soul Food Women’s Groups

Facilitation of Groups, Gatherings & Retreats:

Awakening Women’s Group
Awakening Master Mind Group
Adventures in Awakening Group
Brave Heart Adventure Club for Kids over 40
The Hearts, Hands and Voices Festivals ~progressive celebrations of spiritual and creative diversity that drew well over 9000 people; oversaw over 120 volunteers each year.

Community Tapestry~ bringing together the Russian and American dances of peace facilitators to celebrate through song, dance and service to the community. Over 500 people attended.
Joyful Celebration Retreats~ YMCA of the Rockies, Tabernash, CO…spiritually evolved, transformative joyful retreats~ 8 years for 25 people for 4 day encounters. Most people left with tears of joy and heart opening memories of a progressive community family that was real.
Summer camp leader for severely developmentally disabled children and teens
Sanskrit, Energy Medicine Presentations and other eclectic spiritual talks to large groups at Colorado Recreation center.
Presentations at Association of Psychotherapists

Singles group~ Unity Church, Boulder, CO
Spiritual group~ Unity Church, Boulder, CO
Creative Expressions Group~ safe and supportive environment for creative people to share their gifts
Awareness Presentations at various venues
Relationship, singles and creative group leader

Other Additional Service Work:

Teens with severe emotional difficulties
Severely developmentally disabled teens as a summer camp leader
PTSD & Substance Abuse Unit~ Centennial Peaks Hospital
Alcohol Recovery Center & led Codependency Groups
Hospice work and Case manager for elderly
Crisis Line Trainer
Counseled rape victims at Okaloosa Mental Health Center
Dance performances at Star House and Dance Home, Boulder, Colorado
Life-long dancer all forms ballet, jazz, African, Indian belly dance, NIA
Singing~/Ecstatic Choir and Dances of Universal Peace


Given Apache name Two Doves and Little House on the Prairie at the 4 Corners Pow Wow
Given Transcendental Vedic name Ananda (Spiritual Bliss)
Recognized by World Renowned Hindu Teachers and Prominent Physicians:
Deepak Chopra, Pundit Sanjay, Dr. Vaijra K. Mishra, Mukunda Stiles, Dr. Frank Salvatore
Recognized for Hearts, Hands and Voices Festivals
Acknowledged and endorsed as an honorary healer numerous times
Recognized by hundreds of clients for profound and miraculous results







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