“My deepest gratitude for the miracles that come from your work. Even though we are thousands of miles away, your work prevails…within moments, my darkest hour turned into strength, awareness, integration & transformation. It was truly miraculous. My entire family benefited. Life is a beautiful place with Andrea.” Caroline McCrane, Alexandria, Va

Frank T. Salvatore

 “Many miracles show up when working with you. Our latest is a son. You helped us see the divine grace in even our darkest days as a couple. When books, psychologists, family & friends were telling us that it may be time to quit, you held the torch for love & guided us to that radiant heart center we both so desperately desired. We now have a son from your miraculous work. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for our family.” Love, Dr. Ana, and Frank Salvatore, MD; New Jersey

375567_4997359740126_922107925_nMiraculous is the best word I can think of that describes the change within me that occurred after our 1st session! It felt like a huge amount of worry and stress, emotional weight, had been lifted from my body. My emotions and feelings were suddenly lighter and more manageable and for the first time in over a month, I was able to sleep restfully, without all of the worry and concern because I felt hopeful again. I also felt your warmth and love as you worked with me; offering grace, caring, and compassion. I look forward to our next sessions as you help me to continue to “release” my old patterns allowing me to be more authentic and aligned with my higher potential. I am so grateful for your work. While it has only been 24 hours since my second session with you, I wanted to let you know that I was able to sleep 9 hours last night! In the last 6 to 9 months my average sleep per night has been just over 5 hours per night, until last night. What a joy. Thank you for your incredible work!” Namaste’, Scott Soelberg; Louisville, Colorado


‘Andrea is the most amazing energy worker and awareness facilitator that I have ever known and in the most joyful manner that can be experienced teaches people to see and realize their magnificence and to really live a life of joy, happiness, and authenticity.

Andrea places a precise mirror to our faces and allows us to see our greatness, what our gifts are and how we can best bring them to others for the planet’s benefit.’

Through the years that I have worked with Andrea, I have been inspired by the spiritual gifts and insights that her words have brought to so many people especially myself.  Whether it is through one on one sessions, groups or through public speaking, Andrea provides extraordinary guidance from that deepest place of wisdom, clarity, and understanding, and her words truly, magically catalyze and transform miraculously.
When I say these things I say them based upon my own direct experiences and as a practical and grounded business professional that has risen to the very top of his profession through Andrea’s work>
These words that I am now using I mean quite literally and not in any esoteric way.
Blessings to you;
Paul S. Kleinman, President Rocky Mountain Financial Network
TM Facilitator for 36 years

“Dear Andrea, I am eternally grateful for everything you taught me. I was originally joking with you about you zapping the stories right out of my life. I now feel like I was zapped into another world miraculously. If you were a comic strip figure I guess I could call you The Zapper. You carry a wand that vanishes the suffering stories from our lives. What is left is compassion for ourselves and others.”

“Working with Andrea is very down-to-earth. The changes she initiates are immediate, practical and long-lasting. One session, Andrea did an intensive clearing for my husband, she never even spoke to him and set the intention for him to start walking. He was extremely overweight. That very day, out of the blue, he came home and announced that he was going out to take a walk.  He’s been walking daily for 2 years and no one ever said a word to him.
Then there was the time she talked about the health benefits of drinking clean water, and again, my husband came home and said he was interested in installing a reverse-osmosis device under our kitchen sink.  I’ve been asking him to do that for years!
Yesterday, Andrea discussed keeping my distance from relatives until I am strong enough to prevent them from upsetting me. The most difficult relative told me that day that she was considering moving out of state and moved within a month.

These are but a few recent successful interventions by Andrea. They are thus countless. The results easily seen. I am very grateful for her coaching.”
Lily Ginsberg; Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Joyful Relationships:

 12936699_10206513418530473_4067116824689732144_n‘Andrea’s a truly gifted healer who is able to blend intuitive insight, psychology, spiritual counseling, and energetic clearing in a way that has enabled me to feel completely grounded and centered no matter how distressed I was. My greatest prayer was answered; what I had been desiring for as long as I can remember finally walked into my life. Andrea, it is with much love, respect, and gratitude that I say thank you.” (Tina met, married her soul mate and has a beautiful baby from this clearing) Tina Weinhofer, Massage Therapist


‘Working with Andrea gave me immediate, quick resolution to a challenging situation with my 15-year-old son. The clearing work Andrea did was powerfully effective and there was a shift right away in the quality of my relationship with my son.” Thanks so much; Ingrid Johnson, Coach; Boulder, CO

‘I recommend Andrea highly and I feel anyone working with her is truly blessed! She has helped me communicate and connect more fully with my baby and baby’s father.  She has an amazing ability to facilitate what is best for everyone involved.  She began working with me before I became pregnant, and I can’t imagine not having her support.  I am a single mom who had to return to work after a few months, I hired a nanny, and figured out how his father would be involved, and I feel I was able to do this much more smoothly with Andrea.’ Nichole Smith, New Jersey, School Psychologist

198823_107354429346592_6269764_nIt has so far been over 2 months since this change has begun and life at home has been a miracle! My husband has been loving, smiling, attentive and really has been busting his butt looking for work and this is the first time in a long time I haven’t had empty beer cans in my way! The change I see in my husband is “the one” I saw over 10 years ago. No, I am not in denial. This is really happening…and as for today…I will live each one a day at a time. Maybe now, we can ask the universe to help find him a job! Thank you Andrea!! I love you!! ” Annie

‘Thank you to Andrea Jackson for accepting me into the women’s circle that still helps me TO THIS DAY, it was my first experience with true healing. I am sorry to the people that I have pushed away due to choosing my own pain.’ Elizabeth, Boulder, CO


Hi Andrea…My name is Fred, we spoke at the World Wellness Expo in Denver. I wanted to call you and thank you very much, you were a huge help. We spoke about myself and my wife Alyssa. I wanted to say thank you for your advice from our session. You were a big help, I had one of the best talks with my wife that night than we have had in years.” Fred, D.Chiropractic, Denver, Colorado

‘Thank you so much for talking to my good friend Fred B. I talked to Fred tonight and he said that you profoundly influenced his thinking! He had the best conversation with his wife that night in years! I feel quite fortunate.” Thanks, Scott Vander Wall, DC

 “Both my partner and I felt that your perceptions and recommendations were spot on. We will be focused on implementing your advice. Michael; Massage therapist and teacher; Australia

 Vibrant Health:

Anama received her hearing back in her left ear after being almost deaf for many years… after 1 session.

 Elise, from New York who was about to go in for complicated eye surgery, regained her vision and canceled her eye surgery after 3 sessions.

“I phoned Andrea because I had severe recurrent migraines that I was vomiting from and I also suffered from chronic fatigue. Andrea spoke to me for only 10 minutes and said she would do some work on me afterward. She spoke to me with so much love and compassion… a migraine left and something very significant shift in me from this encounter. Julia Ridley; Boulder, Colorado


“My 7-year-old son had a severe peanut allergy. I had to carry his medication everywhere we went; I was terrified to be without it. Then a fabulous thing happened. Talking with Andrea on the phone, she was able to clear his allergy in 10 minutes. Being a nurse, I needed proof. Lab tests confirmed he no longer had the peanut allergy. We now live a normal life and he enjoys M&M’s with peanuts and other chocolate bars he has never had before!” Ms. Maureen Liquori, RN, Boston, MA

“I am thrilled with the results I’ve experienced with Andrea. I was bedridden and am now completely off anxiety medications. I am energetic and can exercise.” In Gratitude; Maureen Moran, RN Boston

“In 1 private session, Andrea cleared forearm tenitis that had been plaguing me for over a year threatening the future of my career as a massage therapist. I am now lighter, joyful and more financially secure.’ Diana Ruhl, CMT

‘I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome twice and had been on anti-depressants for about a year prior to working with Andrea. Within 3 weeks of working with Andrea, I was tapering off all medications. I have been off medication for over 2 years now.’ Sara Bommer, Elementary Teacher, CO

Dear Andrea…I can’t describe the feeling, but I remember at some point…my whole body felt a calmness wash over it……….I also realized….hey! I have stopped the uncontrollable coughing……….I smiled and said to myself…Andrea must have gotten my message……I made a note of the time so that I could ask you about it later….it was 8:00………I came out to the computer and read your reply…….it came at 8:01!!! Thank you so very much Andrea!!!!!!!!
I love you; Annie, MA”

“I had a disturbing experience as a child that kept haunting me. I could never quite grasp what the significance of the event was but knew it contained a profound message. Through Andrea’s exquisite discernment of the energy around this event, Andrea’s reading gave me clarity and peace about it. She shares her treasured gifts lovingly and beautifully!” Aprylisa Snyder, M.S., BodyTalk Healing Arts

“At the beginning of our session, Andrea tuned right in…to where I was at…and I hadn’t even said too much at that point…she could just “FEEL” the pain I was in that day!! She gently asked questions and after I was done “letting it all out”…I felt like a ton of weight was lifted from my shoulders and that I could do anything. The “release” felt so healthy and cleansing. Andrea also used some tough love on me that day and I know I needed to hear those things if I was, to be honest with myself!! And I also remember hearing Andrea’s loving voice saying “miracles” can happen!! Well, on my way home, I continued feeling the “release”. I felt strong and ready for anything! And before I even said anything my husband approached me and said he felt his drinking was getting out of control and he was going to cut back drastically…and he has! I was also given a tool so that he didn’t react in such a horribly negative way, with this he became openly willing to share. I came home that day knowing the possibility of letting him go but was happily surprised at the outcome. I know Andrea had once again spread her loving “magic” cross country right into our home!”My boyfriend and I recently came down with the flu and I couldn’t breathe. Within a few minutes, I felt a cooling eucalyptus type sensation and it felt like my nose popped open. Thanks to Andrea’s clearing I was able to breathe for the first time in a week! I should have called earlier in the week.” Love to you; Annie,” US Postal Service Boston

Financial Success: 

Dr_Frank_Salvatore“The wisdom and insight provided during Andrea’s training sessions have enhanced my abilities to perform in all areas of my life. With Andrea’s help, I have shifted from a stressed-out, aggressive management style to one where listening skills take priority. The techniques provided by Andrea aid communication in all areas. It is without hesitation that I recommend Andrea to assist any member of your organization from management to entry-level employee. I am sure she will help those she works with to obtain their highest level of performance.”
Dr. Frank Salvatore, Diplomat, American Board of Urology and President of Medical Management Company

“Andrea is an extraordinary woman; one week after a session focused on my financial issues my income doubled. Her work creates fast results !!” With great appreciation; Paul Kleinman; 35-year Transcendental Meditation Instructor and President Rocky Mountain Financial Network

During our work together Paul went from immense frustration sitting behind a desk distributing marketing devices, earning a very low income, to becoming the number 1 insurance agent for the entire US and for Forester’s Insurance. He was asked to speak to audiences of over 3000 people. He went on to receive numerous awards year after year for his outstanding abilities.

~Within 3 weeks, Joseph’s book, ‘Double Pedal Gold’ was recognized on the cover of the Rolling Stones Magazine. “It went from being unnoticed to receiving the highest musical recognition.”  Joseph Morton


‘Over the course of the last four years, I have benefited in my business, personal life and my overall sense of wellness and peace of mind through the wisdom and insights that you have shared with me.  This amazing gift that you have brought to me has shown me how to sharpen and bring into clear focus my vision, understanding, and appreciation of myself and others as well as that greatest of gifts, inner vision.  Life just seems so sweet and overflowing with both material and spiritual abundance and living the 200% value of inner and outer life.’
Love. Paul S. Kleinman
President Rocky Mountain Financial Network 36 year Meditation Teacher

“It is an honor to do my big inner work with you. Doing such deep inner work can be a very scary thing. Through your gentle grace and sacred space, it is all presented in such a way that you know you will get it in the gentlest of ways. I am able to have confidence and Now I can walk with grace myself.” Love, Lillian Ginsberg, New Jersey

‘I feel like a rich man must feel!! I have energy and good spirits and motivation and I’m getting things done and joyfully and ‘ease-fully’ as never before ~hence the “rich man dilemma” of choosing where to spend all this abundance.” Love Carolyn Hickey, Colorado

 Loving Transition:

 “I very much appreciate your guidance, support, and love and am truly grateful during this time of accepting and feeling my mother’s transition. When we talk I feel as if all the pieces fall peacefully into place in the most natural way. It opens the way for movement and growth on a deep level. I have become more trusting of myself, my feelings, intuitions, and knowing! Our work together encourages me to move forward rather than give in to the urge to settle in my old comfort zone and resistance. I thank you from my heart to yours and look forward to this joyous adventure.” Love Debra Segal, School Psychologist, Boston

 From a phone call from my client’s husband after she transitioned:
‘Even though Bridget passed on, I want you to know that she experienced some of the happiest, most loving months of her life with her 2 children and me. Your work truly made a difference to all of us. I wanted you to know this.
with love; Ryan, Colorado

 Gentle Approach:

“Andréa’s work is kind, intuitively accurate and directly applicable to my life. She immediately felt like family to me.” Anne; Yoga Center Owner, Canada

“Andrea is an Intuitive with an incredible sense of integrity who offers practical solutions that really work.” Yoga Teacher, Calgary, Canada

“It is as if your insights are made of light and yet they change me; for the better.” Doreen; Yoga Teacher NY



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