Lighten Up

I’m Andrea…I’m sure you’ve journeyed pretty far to arrive here. People don’t find my work by accident.
You can count on me for the specific insights and answers you need to realize your true self, healthy, happy relationships and the fulfillment of
Your Greatest Potential.

Let me lighten your load…

You’ve been carrying some heavy baggage that you don’t need any longer. It weighs you down, makes living your life a struggle. It’s hard to make any changes … it’s like you’re carrying an old burden basket with you everywhere.

Imagine being at the airport, ready to take off for your next adventure, your mind and heart are ready, even excited. Ugh, you find out you have too much baggage and you have a feeling you don’t even need it anymore. They won’t even let you board the plane with all that stuff.

You have finally realized the truth…that you can’t really go anywhere great until you lighten up. You know you’re missing out on alot in life until you do.

Well…here I am…again, not by accident, but, because you want something to change inside you and in your life in a great way. You want to lighten up and make the great things happen that you know are possible, but until now wouldn’t let yourself have…or rather you couldn’t have them because they were out of your reach.

Now that you are aware of this heaviness, you want to lighten up now and you’re not thrilled with a slow, tedious process of unpacking this stuff…like most therapists and coaches offer.

I’m Your Personal Zapper

Consider me your personal baggage zapper…I can see and clear so much of your unneeded stuff in every area of your life, so rapidly, each session, you’ll feel lighter and be flying higher, faster than you can imagine to all those great adventures…it’s almost like magic.

From one of my clients named Lilly: “I am eternally grateful for everything you taught me. I was originally joking with you about you zapping the stories right out of my life. I now feel like I was zapped into another world. If you were a comic strip figure I guess I could call you The Zapper. You carry a wand that vanishes the suffering stories from our lives and what is left is lightness, compassion for ourselves and others.” 

20160626_115319_Burst02See Life as a Magnificent Adventure

The lighter you are, the more fluidly your life unfolds in new, easy and graceful ways. Before you know it…you’ll arrive in healthy, happy relationships, realization of your true Self and the fulfillment of your greatest potential.

You’ll find your unique happy places within yourself and in your life. Best of all you won’t even know how you got there so quickly.

Think about this for a moment…

Have you tried varying types of self help that leave you with lots of unresolved stuff?

READY for Miraculous Shifts?

Are you Ready for something ‘out of the box’… very different from what you are use to? Remember…If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

I am a gifted mentor, a ‘soul whisperer’ for over 25 years, whose ongoing results are ‘off the chart’ from what is therapeutically normal…in fact the results are impossible to conceive of in most people’s minds.

Yet, most clients have repeatedly verified these amazing breakthroughs.
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All the amazing results you read about on this site occured over the phone. I have an international clientele and I assure you that everyone, no matter where they were located, experienced the same remarkable shifts with real, practical results.

They received miraculous breakthroughs by my speaking to them about their heavy stuff and about how I see them living in their empowerment. I stepped them into their true happy life and into living from their greatest possibilities.

Their families shifted as well, through my speaking about them, 3rd party. Not kidding…I have cleared pain and limitaions in many children, animals and spouses this way and have shifted many challenging, even life threatening situations on the phone.

Some Examples of what my clients experience:

  • Restoration of eye sight and hearing
  • Releasing serious allergies and disease
  • Resolving all types of relationship conflicts
  • Highest Recognition for being the best in their field
  • Becoming recognized speakers, authors, artists, poets
  • Receiving significant, amazing employment bonuses and raises
  • Overcoming terrifying fears and phobias of flying, driving, dating
  • Becoming intuitive, directly aware and awake, present and concsious 

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Are you ready to wake up?
Are you READY?


I can offer you this invitation to the greatest adventure of your life…to liberation from suffering as a way of life, of living from less than what you truly are and to the celebration of awakening to your true self…the greatest source of peace, love, happiness and well being possible.

When I become aware of your subconscious obstacles, memories, thoughts, feelings, emotion & desires, shifts happen that transform you.  Your awareness increases and your authentic, empowered self begins to flow unimpeded.

The results are greater clarity, loving awareness, amazing creative abilities and genuine awakening.

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires align with your soul calling. This brings inner Peace, happiness and the well being you authentically desire and deserve is yours.

Let me shift your inner world by clearing the subconscious, self defeating patterns and you will have the greatest impact in creating a magnificent outer world and contributing to the well being of our Earth.

As our beloved Gandhi said ‘Be the change’.

This is your wake up call, this is the planet’s wake up call…

Love transcends all…Andrea