Session Packages


 Working with Andrea

This is not therapy. You will begin shifting and transforming in the first session. How quickly your patterns clear is dependent on you being Ready, Willing and Able to Change.

Intro Discovery Session

  • 30 minutes
  • Begin to:
    Discover some of the key patterns  blocking your fulfillment
  • Receive empowering action steps
  • Experience a greater vision for your life
  • A new sense of adventure

Price: $109
Normally: $140

Amethyst Awakening

  • 5 hours of amazing sessions
  • Stabilizing all areas of your outer life
  • Identifying & clearing deep sabotaging patterns
  • Breakthroughs in key stuck areas of your life
  • Shifting victim stories to creative, empowered living

Price: $750
Normally: $850

Diamond Awakening

  • 10 hours of amazing sessions
  • Stabilizing your outer life
  • Identifying & clearing deep sabotaging patterns
  • Breakthroughs in key areas of your life
  • Shifting victim stories to creative, empowered living
  • Clearly communicate
  • Consciously navigating
  • Experiencing your inner guidance system
  • Living from intuitively guided empowering steps
  • Transform-limited thinking into fun, conscious life adventures

Price: $1400
Normally: $1700



~Most Sessions are 60 min~All sessions are on the phone
~Payments are made by the day of
4500 19th st #203, Boulder, CO 80304
~24 hrs. cancellation notice or billed at 1/2 price
~I offer financial assistance if needed
~Donation button below is for special pricing


Specific Focus Packages
The 3 Treasures

Individual Sessions, Finding Your Voice, Coming Home to Love

Lotus: Individual Sessions 1538667_836696853013500_3222700064308105448_n
~Grounding & stabilizing
~Focusing in the here and the now
~Identify how 1 pattern is effecting your life
~Clearing victim pattern from all areas
~Navigating life in conscious clear ways
~Transforming victim stories into empowered adventures
Call for pricing 303-545-5485

woman-s-necklace-precious-stones-illustration-54482617Turquoise: Finding Your Voice
~Release blockages due to specific fears and insecurities
~Feeling confidence in your authentic expression
~Strengthening your courage to speak your truth
~Speaking your truth passionately and harmlessly
~Living your purpose by expressing your truthfully
5 Sessions, Call for Pricing 303-545-5485

Rose Quartz: Coming Home to Love
~Releasing resistance to loverose-quartz-19805285
~Opening your heart & soul
~Creating & living from your joy list
~Loving yourself unconditionally

~Committing to your well being
~Relating based on mutual happiness
~Communicating clearly & considerately
~Happy relationships from loving you 1st
~Healthy relating without codependency
10 Sessions, Call for pricing 303-545-5485

Advanced Focus Packages
The 4 Jewels

Soulite, Mentoring Brilliance, Evolve! and Golden Prosperity

Shining from the Inside Out~
Transforming dark coal, your limitations, and suffering, into a bright, multi-faceted diamond. This magnificent diamond is like your soul~ a powerful, exquisite, expansive light.
As these old limiting patterns are cleared, your soul has many amazing gifts which will shine through each facet.
This is the reason you are here…to shine your unique ‘Soulite’ to the world…through singing, dancing, speaking, writing, inventing, healing, acting, organizing, leading.
This collective awakening of our brilliance is what will uplift our world and make it possible for us to move from a planet in survival to a world united in thriving together.

blue-diamond-3975139Blue Diamond: Soulite
~For Advanced Souls
conscious & aware
~Clearing residual stuckness
~ Strengthening intuition & heart wisdom ~ Aligning & orienting with your soul
~Clarify & share from your soul gifts 

~Vibrate at the frequency of your soul
~Build a thriving business from the inside out
~16 sessions, call for pricing 303-545-5485

inside-amethyst-geode-20518978Amethyst: Mentoring Brilliance
~Coaches, therapists & teachers
~Identify and leverage your soul gifts
~Clearly express your unique gifts 

~Being seen, understood & supported
~Consider your unique needs and your clients, personally and environmentally
~Targeting and releasing self-sabotage
~Your natural self flows through in its brilliance:
~Your predominant expression comes through your unique creative gifts
~Intuition and grace enable helpful structures to be created & implemented
~Caring for your unique genius or brilliance becomes a focus for your life
16 Sessions, Call for pricing 303-545-5485

emerald-gemstone-7939472Emerald: Evolve!
~For Old Souls
~Breakthrough attachment to people & experiences
~Move through any residual suffering
~Stop processing & quick release of suffering
~Drop stories, drama, and processing as a way of life
~Clear whatever is holding back  your energetic balance, awareness, happiness & overall well being
~Align directly with source, drop intermediary practices or rituals
~Open and connect to your heart to claim your soul energy
~Clearing and connecting, activating your DNA to your highest vibration possible
~Learn the keys to staying connected within yourself
~Commune (come back into union) when you get disconnected
~Stop compromising the energy balance you need for wholeness and integration
~Create a joy list and live this way to continually raise your vibrational frequency
~Celebrate your true nature….come home to yourself
16 Sessions, Call for pricing 303-545-5485

Citrine: Golden Prosperitycitrine-geode-geological-crystals-semigem-mineral-isolated-53646268
~Clearing lack consciousness
~Clearing generational poverty
~Clear deep unworthiness
~Clear vows/
contracts that are limiting
~Target parental financial imprinting
~Clear limiting beliefs you may consciously & subconsciously be carrying
~Shift from surviving to thriving
~Become a deliberate creator

~Envision what you would like to create with this feeling of inner abundance in your life
~Call in your ‘soulite’: the gifts, abilities and energy balancing needed for you to thrive
~Build a thriving business from the inside out
~Set clear financial intentions to create wealth, abundance and prosperity
~Shift your vibration from lack to the 3 G’s: grateful, gracious & generous
12 Sessions, Call for Pricing 303-545-5485