Payment Guidelines:

  •  International or local sessions are all over the phone.
  •  Payments must be made by the day of the session.
  •  A 10 minute consultation is free
  •  Introductory Target Sessions are $60 for 20″ and then $3 a minute
  • Individual Sessions are $170 for 60 minutes
  • A Package of 5 sessions is $750 or $150 per sesssion (Best Deal), then $150 after this
  • The price for each Treasure package is listed below
  • I offer financial assistance in relation to your financial need
  • Please click the Buy Now Button below or
    mail a check to 4500 19th st #203, Boulder, CO 80304.

Target Session $60

Individual Session $170  

The 5 Treasures
Packages Targeting:
Shining Your Light, Rapid Evolvement,
Finding Your Voice, Radiant Heart Love, Prosperity & Abundance

‘During all soul readings, clearings, coachings/teachings, I meet you where you are and then we journey to your greatest potential each session. Many of my clients stay with me for years after the packages are finished to continue their evolvement in the specific ways their soul is ready for. I am grateful you are interested in working with me. I will offer you my best and ask that of you as well. Many Blessings & Miracles to you from our work together.’ Andrea

The Diamond Approach:
Shining from the Inside Out
Price is $1450 


  • We’ll begin with a 20 minute soul reading to see more fully where you and what you’re here to do.
  • This journey is like the transformation of dark, heavy coal (limitations and suffering) into a bright, multi faceted diamond with exquisite light shining through each facet.
  • Each facet represents aspects of your true nature and the light rays shining through are your soul qualities, gifts and abilities as they are brought out and shared. They resonate with your unique soul signature.
  • This package of 10 comprehensive sessions and a soul reading, will clear significant suffering and awaken you to your true self.
  • You will learn to live from a clear mind, heart & soul.
  • 10 sessions for $1450, a $250 savings…
  • This can be broken into 3 $500 payments
  • My best offer! Amazing, documented results!
  • Most clients choose this series of sessions
  • Many experience miraculous shifts for themselves, as well as their family members as we focus on them.
    You and your family are worth it.


 Emerald Evolvement Package: Price is $997

You know you are more than your experiences. You are probably what is called an ‘old soul’. You’ve worked on yourself for a while now. You are bored and may still be suffering and even stuck in old, worn out drama.

  • We will determine what stage of awareness/awakening you are in through a 20 minute soul reading.
  • I will clear what is holding back or blocking your wholeness (energetic balance), awareness, happiness & over all well being.
  • I will align you directly with source, we will open your heart and call your soul energy in. I will teach you how to do this for yourself.
  • I will do my most powerful clearing and connecting which activates your DNA to your highest vibration possible.
  • I will teach you the keys to staying connected within yourself, how to commune (come back into union) when you get disconected.
  • I will specifically show you the ways you are compromising the energy balancing you need for wholeness and integration.
  • We will create a joy list which you will learn to live from to continually raise your vibrational frequency.
  • These sessions are for those who are ready and willing to celebrate true nature. This is about coming home. 7 Sessions. 
  • woman-s-necklace-precious-stones-illustration-54482617Turquoise Finding Your Voice Package: Price $499
  • We will target & clear key fears, insecurities and blockages.
  • I will clear and align you with your high heart: the voice for your heart.
  • I will target & clear all other contributing issues & patterns.
  • We will strengthen your will in direct awareness of your true nature and what you are specifically here for. 3 Sessions
  • rose-quartz-19805285Rose Quartz Radiant Love Package: Price is $799
  • You may be feeling heartbroken.
  • Together we will clear your heart pain & blockages; any residual memories..
  • We will open your heart and make space in your life for you to love yourself completely.
  • I will teach you how to keep your heart open and available to authentic people
  • We will open you to receive the love of your life or deepen with the partner you are now with. 5 Sessions


  • Citrine Prosperity & Abundance Package: Price is $799
  • You may be feeling a lack in being able to recieve what you
    most need in your life.
  • You are surviving rather than thriving.
  • We will clear all core level unworthiness, as well as any vows or
    contracts to limit your wealth.
  • We will target and clear parental and other significant role models financial imprinting.
  • We will clear limiting beleifs you may consciously and subconsciously be carrying.
  • We will look at what you would like to create with this new feeling of
    abundance in your life.
  • You will learn to be a deliberate creator and how to set clear intentions to create the life you wish to be living with your abundance and prosperity.
  • I will guide to make key changes that will rapidly shift your vibration from lack to grateful, gracious, and even generous. 5 Sessions