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About Andrea Jackson

Andrea is a naturally transformative Awakening facilitator with energy transmission for extraordinary healing and joyful awakening. You can expect quick release of old, deeply held material and real life amazing shifts into an expansive, higher consciousness as well as important results on the practical level of your life. This shift will impact your personal sense of self, as well as your relationships, your purpose or contribution and your health. This work also benefits your family. Andrea is Radiant Awareness, with over 30 years of comprehensive traditional and alternative studies & experience covering Business & Psychology degrees Summa Cum Laude, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine Mastery, Enlightened Relationship Coach, Ordained Christian Minister, Budhist Bodhi Satva, Hindu TM and Ishta Devita, Apache Shamanism, A Course in Miracles Teacher, Advanced Non Violent Communications and 4 years in solitude culminating in Direct Awareness. Andrea is endorsed by many world renowned Spiritual teachers and physicians for ongoing extraordinary results with individuals and groups.

I am a Soul Whisperer



I’m a Soul Whisperer (TM) and my work is amazing because I am listening deeply to the profund messages from your soul. Your soul knows all that you are and will ever be. It is the source of your easiest and most direct guidance to healing, transformation and awakening.

We’ve created a whole world that is most often a distraction from being able to feel, sense and hear the messages that would bring you directly home to your true nature and to live a life on purpose.

After 18 years of spiritual emmersion, followed by 3 years in solitude, listening and writing from my inner teacher,  I experienced a full awakening.  I soon realized that I have always had the gift of being able to shift from these distractions and directly communicate what would heal, transform and awaken people and animals, wherever they are whatever their suffering was.

People were able to hear and see again, ordinary housewives experienced awakening. The list is endless!

I learned that I was moving around in time and space in ways that were beyond what I could explain. I could direct my awareness to wherever my client was, whether it was New York or Australia or Canada; space or distance never diminished the results.

My client’s mother in Massachusettes was in intense panic after having heart surgery. I placed my hand on her heart and within seconds she stopped ripping her IV’s out and relaxed completely, as reported by my client. I was here In Boulder, Colorado when I did this. This is common for me.

I could also move around in time, I would know where the issue, blockage, barrier originated in time and with who and would clear it at that time point forward. I have future vison and awareness and easily offer action steps that will lead to the greatest potential.

I am in communion with your soul, together, with my gift to communicate directly, shifts occur rapidly often instantly.

As this doorway to your soul has been opened, you will also begin to feel, sense and hear this magnificent presence within you. This is the voice for God or Source coming through your soul. It is the direct awareness of what you are guiding, leading you into your greatest fulfillment.

Allow me to open this door for you, as Pundit Sanjay, a world renowned teacher from India said to me ‘Andrea you do Atma Sudhi, you open the doorway for their soul to come through. This is far greater than what your country calls healing. When your soul comes through, your suffering, illness, issues will clear instantly.’

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The Most Amazing Quality

10380921_1425142177756586_4535590518486235556_nEvery single person with every kind of issue has taught me one very amazing quality.

When I say hello, I never know what kind of adventure I am about to embark on.

I have been with and shifted everything imaginable, from hearing loss, to can’t get pregnant, why did my husband take his life, my son has walking pnuemonia, my wife wants to divorce me, principal needing help with her challenging students, yoga teachers wanting to create new hybrid work, I have dark entities ruining my life, life threatening allergies…and on and on.

The one most important quality I absolutley know that is essential for a breakthrough is LOVE. I’ve learned that when I am connecting with someone, if my heart is open to them, if I’m truly curious about what is happening in their life and I trust the specific words and amazingly transformative energy coming through me…


Isuues, challenges, hearing, eye sight, allergies…everything shifts.

With love magic happens.

And this is not excusive to my work…an open heart is like an open doorway for the unexplainable miracles of life to travel through.

With an ailgnment to source, your heart allows blessings that are way beyond the minds ability to comprehend, to manifest.

These are literally mind blowing and consciousness expanding.

Rememeber the one powerful quality that enables all this amazing shifting to occur is an open heart…the open doorway for LOVE and MAGIC to flow through.


Andrea Jackson 303-545-5485

Freedom through Expansion

10801809_461742647323307_5220788256347738657_nAs we open our minds, our perception of reality shifts. The mind is like a vessel and is use to holding the same information based on past experiences.

When we experience unexpected circumstances there is the opportunity to grow, evolve, to expand within this new situation.

These experiences catch us with our guard or defenses down and so they enter into us at a deeper level of understanding.

If we flow with this disruptive energy, it will shift us into a whole new way of being.

Change is uncomfortable for some, yet it is the entry way into a new reality. Usually we change some of our thinking, which enables us to see our world differently.

An example is the world being flat and then it was round. It’s the same world and perception has changed.

We can open our minds and enhance our perceptions through a more expansive mindset…allowing the mindset to drop as much as possible, will create the greatest freedoms.

We trust that what we need to know arises in the moment. We feel lighter and have more room in ourselves and with each other to care more fully.

Less mindset, less drama, more real connection to what resides below all the surface stuff. With more spaciousness there is more freedom to flow with what is arising in your world and to discern your next move.

Keeping it simple is the source of freedom…always has been…complicated mindsets create intense mental orientation which diminishes the capacity to experience the sweetness of life.

Open to your greatest freedom by letting go of this old orientation and feel the new exhilirating adventurous energy arise from your heart and soul.

A true gift to yourself…


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Success From the Inside Out

10929159_10206121005333389_1725437198311264776_nSuccess is determined by the outer world. False. Until one is committed to their own life, external forces will dictate your feelings, motives and actions.

Once you shift to being self motivated towards your greatest potential, based on an inner recognition of who you uniquely are, you can reinforce your own action steps.

By staying committed and focused to what you truly want to create you determine your own success.

True success, as defined as inner peace, health and happiness is the result of living from the inside out.

Inner praise and recognition are powerfully supportive tools that keep your momentum alive.

Drop all negative, critical talk…shift immediately to positive self talk. Praise yourself for all the great steps you are taking. Recognze the shifts that are occuring within you as you move from externally to internally motivated.

Trust that your steps are empowering you to live a free, actualized life.

Have patience as this shift is occurring in your life. Nothing great happens overnight. Many simple, empowering steps followed through with commitment and focus lead to SUCCESS.

Your greatest success in every area of your life is possible….health, happiness and prosperity through self realization.
Call me for a free 15 minute consultation. I’m also running a $109 special intro session…never before offered for one more month.

Let’s create this shift for you now…

Andrea Jackson





Spiritual Bypass



Superficial spirituality is spiritual bypass. When we share spiritually through our full alignment with source, then we offer real spiritual awareness.
When we have delved into and moved through the many inner layers of shadow which arise through our human relating and have come full circle into the light…we are home….now we can offer what would bring another home (if they are ready).
We may feel wobbly and vulnerable from this journey. But we now have access to our hearts innate wisdom and we can orient from our soul’s deeper insights.
This is the ultimate journey.
There are many, many layers of shadow that are traversed. When we can access our inner guidance system, we no longer have to rely on the extremely limited, fearful interpretations from your mind and frm others.You can learn to open to deep profound inner truth, insights and awarenes.
I can help you access these truths and you will have an inner guidance system that will enable you to truly understand what you are journeying through and how to move with grace and ease.
Awakening is the greatest adventure possible…inner space is the final fronteir…join me…
thank you for all the requests for sessions…I have 1 space left for this week.
Andrea Jackson Awakening-Coach

The Divine Feminine


The divine feminine is a sacred space within every woman where real love, purity and sanctuary exist. It is an honor to enter into a woman’s sacred space. This occurs through any form of intimacy; wether it is spiritual, emotional, mental or physical.
Learning the art of intimacy with a woman is coming home to your Self. It is a journey that begins by bravely entering into the mystery within ourselves and trusting in the the mystical ways in which truth reveals itself. These are ways of being that most are afraid of.
This is where real sacred healing and transformation occur on all levels.
Through your own increasing clarity and your partners courage to share the truth, you will see the parts of yourself that you have hidden from yourself and the world. You will also realize how being truly naked on all levels creates the vehicles for intimacy and deep profound healing of core level wounds: vulnerability, deep honesty and transparency.
Most humans have been deeply wounded and are defended around their wounds. It is absolutley necessary to have a safe guide who can see and penetrate the defenses and through awareness see, name and clear the wounds.
I have named this ‘coming into union’ communion. Until we come home to our true inner self, we are like lost children looking for love and approval from outside ourselves.
Recieving the right, sacred help can bring you completely home within yourself, playing in dishonorable ways will burn both people over time…it’s time to come home to your inner bliss…
I have space for 2 new clients…this is your wake up call…303-545-5485
Andrea Jackson Awakening-Coach
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Losing a Beloved One

Grief from the imminent loss of a loved one is so painful. I feel it tearing through my heart and burning my lungs, swelling my eyes and yet, here he lies on the floor in front of me. So much love yet, so much fear of losing this package of unconditional love. So much sadness and joy in both of our eyes. He has brought so much love and joy into my heart and now it is shifting…his body is tired and paining him.

I cannot hold my beloved here in this suffering. Yet, I do not know how to let him go. The thought of his leaving is so painful, yet…to hold him now is with fully open hands. To love him but not cling. To treasure every rise and fall of his breath. He is with me and I with him. We share this painful release together as we have shared most everything together for 16 years.

Oh why must those we love have to leave us? He is my blessing, my love. I have always called him my love. I treasure him beyond all words, thoughts, feelings and actions. Truly there is not much I could say here that would capture the true meaning of his presence in my life. This brave, wonderous, innocent being is my blessing. I have treated him as my prince.

He is a prince among all…still he is my champion as he jumps up goes out and romps in the snow with me. Eyes bright, strong, beautiful stance. I almost forget the pain he is in.

And this is what he wishes for me to forget for mere moments and remember his bright shining presence that has led me out into the world as my copilot for 16 years.
Now I must pick myself up and be strong and find my way without seeing or touching him.

Yet, here he lays by my feet…I treasure this innocence for as long as it may last. Alex died on winter solstice. He was 16 1/2. I hear him at times speaking to me in the most loving ways. I treasure him always…and so he is here in my heart and soul eternally.

The Greatest Companion

Death has a poignant energy that is so powerfully present. It looms dismally, yet it also brings forth deep, immense love. It has felt like the grim reaper were creeping about…just waiting to steal away my loved one.

My beloved companion of 16 years is moving towards his completion.

Our lives together, 16 years minus a few weeks have been with each other every day. Today, as he lay on a pillow elevated his head above his heart, I noticed how presently he watches me. Staring into me, penetrating deeply into my being. He looks and he sees me and I realize very few have ever looked at me with such depth and stillness. His deep brown eyes, contrasted beautifully by his lovely snow white fox fur, are a bridge to an awakened being.

Alex is an unfathomable gift to me. He came to me accidently, while visiting a pet shop with a young autistic girl, we saw Alex. He was in a cage and within moments I knew I wanted him and so did Elise. He looked like and felt like our prince, stuck in a prison and I knew I must find the way to get him out of there quickly and bring him to his home.

He was on sale, which made it so much easier for my minimal salary. Within a day, he was mine and I was elated! He stayed with me, at times at Elise’s condo, as I taught her and him how to be more independent.

There came a time soon after that I became very ill. I was living in an unhealthy home and became very weak and sick inside. After awhile, I was unable to cook for myself and spent a lot of my day and night resting.

Always, Alex was by my bed playing, joyfully amusing himself with anything he could find. Alex made me smile, he was the reason I got stronger. I new his sweet, young, joy for life presence needed me to get up from my sickness and live again. It took many, many months, but I know Alex saved my life.

We had many adventures in nature and Alex learned the ways of being wild and of being free spirited. He was mature and could hold his own in the wild. Many times he protected me from dogs much bigger than he. He was 25 lbs. but never considered his size as being less than his immense bravery. His full name is Alexander, Michael, Snow Walker…after Alexander the Great, Archangel Michael and his immense joy for snow.

Always Alex watched me. He watched me make hundreds of meals and sampled many tasty delights while we cooked together. Me doing the cooking he supportively watching, always watching…the most caring, interested eyes. I said many times…you will probably come back as a great chef.

As I would ready myself for the many dates and activities I would venture out on…Alex watched me. Many times I sensed him wondering why I made such a fuss about my clothes and make up. Other times I knew he wished I would just stay home with him. Many people have come and gone in my life and it is always Alex that has been here with me and for me. Always has he been here with me and for me. Always.

No matter when I would get my energy up enough to go for a walk with him…he was ready and always happy to go with me. Even if weeks of my weakness inhibited me from walking. The moment I was ready, he was ready. Always.

My tears and sadness are that I didn’t recognize the immense loyalty that my companion Always had for me. So many people, so many experiences have come and gone in my life and Alex has accompanied me through it all. I have endured immense painful transformations for many years and Alex has always made his presence available.

Now it is his time to make peace with his life. His lovely, strong, agile body is weak. The coughing from the congestive heart failure and his kidneys weakening are taking him from me. When he is moving he is still strong; the fluid circulates and he is not choking.

Today we played in the snow. he jumped and ran, put his nose in and out of the deep snow and tried so strongly to make me happy and show that his beautiful joyful spirit is still here. His body is weak and surely he is exhausted from coughing most of the night and from high dosages of lasix weakening his kidneys…yet he is still my little champion.

I am having the hardest time being strong right now for him. I so long to keep him near me forever. To always feel his soft long white fear on my fingertips, to see his lovely penetrating eyes telling me how much he loves me. I have lost so much this life, but to lose Alex is unfathomable to me.

I ask for the grace of all the light beings with me and my beloved Alex through this. Let me be strong and joyful for Alex while he is still near me. Let me find my joy for life that he brought to me 16 years ago as was stuck in a near death state. Please help me offer this blessed being the gift of my unconditional love as he chooses when he is to go.

I have already transitioned trough shock and denial. There’s this vague illusion that he may stay longer. 4 years ago we cleared terminal cancer from his body and saved his leg from being amputated. I realized how powerful we are together. Alex defied death. The powerful, expensive oncologist from the Fort Collins University hospital strongly declared he would be dead within months, that he should absolutely have his leg amputated, followed by chemo and still he would probably not have long.

Alex and I refused this prognosis and we beat the incurable cancer. Alex kept his lovely leg and continued to climb many mountains with it. Several years after, he was found to have absolutely no cancer in his body. Alex and Andrea beat death together many times.

Now it is his time and I so wish for my inner child that absolutely adores him that I could keep my beloved creature near to me forever. She pleads inside please grim reaper don’t take my favorite creature…truly he is all I have. And I must be strong and say…he will be in your heart forever sweet Andrea. The love you have together is beyond time, beyond the body, beyond this world. You will know this to be true.

Already, I want to know how will I contact him? How will I reach my beloved? Will he find me?

So many clients I have helped through death of their loved ones, yet, it is still so heart breaking.

Who will lead me through this painful passage as I have helped so many.

Sweet Alex is my work companion, my cooking companion, my sleeping companion, my emotional strength, my beloved…who has keenly, kindly and intently watched and accompanied me through all the stages of transformation into awakening. He wants me to be happy.

He wants me to know that finally I am at home in myself. That our work together has brought us home together.

No greater companion could there ever be for me. Implicitly I am one with him. I hold this awareness dearly to my heart, as I try so hard to smile at him through swollen tear streaked eyes. He is and will always be my joy, my strength and my beloved companion.

I am with you always my dear love.


From Comfort to Freedom

Break through the barriers to doing what you truly love. Many of our excuses are about the fear of taking the first steps into new territory. We may anticipate the worst. Truly the greatest adventure and the only truly fulfilling adventure is of self liberation. There is comfort in the habits of this world and in these systems we are so bogged down by. This comfort is heavy and burdensome in our lives and rarely ever equates to freedom. Most often we must risk exposing ourselves to new ways, releasing the old dinosaurs, even if we feel fear, terror, anger…know that these waves of emotion are not who or what we are, they are simply the old energy waves breaking open to become what is now freshly possible…many blessings for our liberation.