Soulful Awakening is the expansive realization that you are Source. I see you and I facilitate your Soulful Awakening.

I efficiently and effectively clear unconscious patterns and shift you into an empowered awakened presence.

This catalyzes expansive results that are tremendously freeing. Pain and suffering rapidly diminish and dissolve.

Physical, mental, emotional, psychological patterns, traumas, illnesses, and other limitations are cleared. What I do with awakening presence, direct awareness, clearing mastery, and precise intuition is beyond the mind’s capacity to comprehend. Many clients define their results as miracles. See Results page

I am supported by world-renowned endorsements and recognition from Deepak Chopra, India’s Pundits, Auyruvedic Physicians, Guru’s, Yogi’s, Buddhist Teachers, and American Physicians. See Recognition page

These phenomenal results occur over the phone and face to face with Zoom. 
I’m here for you. You can come to me with anything.


Andrea’s Awakening

Andrea is an extraordinary awakening facilitator who transitioned through her own awakening that shifted the foundation of her being. This resulted in remarkable gifts that catalyze deep shifts and miraculous clearings.

Andrea is an expert in the fields of awakening, transformation, and clearing for success. She has degrees in Psychology, and Business Management. She is a certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Higher Alignment Coach, Non -Violent Communications Specialist, is an expert in Holistic Healing, Energetic Mastery, has taken Vows in Four Traditions, and is certified as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

She has an International Phone Clientele for over 35 years, is an author, speaker, has created Awakening Masterminds, Conscious Relating Groups, Joyful Transformation Retreats, and Spiritually Evolved Festivals that drew over 9,00 people. See About Andrea page

Andrea is endorsed by many of the world’s greatest thought leaders like Deepak Chopra, India’s Divine Mother, Pundit Sanjay, and Mukunda Stiles. 

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