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I am a Soul Whisperer



I’m a Soul Whisperer (TM) and my work is amazing because I am listening deeply to the profund messages from your soul. Your soul knows all that you are and will ever be. It is the source of your easiest and most direct guidance to healing, transformation and awakening.

We’ve created a whole world that is most often a distraction from being able to feel, sense and hear the messages that would bring you directly home to your true nature and to live a life on purpose.

After 18 years of spiritual emmersion, followed by 3 years in solitude, listening and writing from my inner teacher,  I experienced a full awakening.  I soon realized that I have always had the gift of being able to shift from these distractions and directly communicate what would heal, transform and awaken people and animals, wherever they are whatever their suffering was.

People were able to hear and see again, ordinary housewives experienced awakening. The list is endless!

I learned that I was moving around in time and space in ways that were beyond what I could explain. I could direct my awareness to wherever my client was, whether it was New York or Australia or Canada; space or distance never diminished the results.

My client’s mother in Massachusettes was in intense panic after having heart surgery. I placed my hand on her heart and within seconds she stopped ripping her IV’s out and relaxed completely, as reported by my client. I was here In Boulder, Colorado when I did this. This is common for me.

I could also move around in time, I would know where the issue, blockage, barrier originated in time and with who and would clear it at that time point forward. I have future vison and awareness and easily offer action steps that will lead to the greatest potential.

I am in communion with your soul, together, with my gift to communicate directly, shifts occur rapidly often instantly.

As this doorway to your soul has been opened, you will also begin to feel, sense and hear this magnificent presence within you. This is the voice for God or Source coming through your soul. It is the direct awareness of what you are guiding, leading you into your greatest fulfillment.

Allow me to open this door for you, as Pundit Sanjay, a world renowned teacher from India said to me ‘Andrea you do Atma Sudhi, you open the doorway for their soul to come through. This is far greater than what your country calls healing. When your soul comes through, your suffering, illness, issues will clear instantly.’

Andrea 303-545-5485

The Most Amazing Quality

10380921_1425142177756586_4535590518486235556_nEvery single person with every kind of issue has taught me one very amazing quality.

When I say hello, I never know what kind of adventure I am about to embark on.

I have been with and shifted everything imaginable, from hearing loss, to can’t get pregnant, why did my husband take his life, my son has walking pnuemonia, my wife wants to divorce me, principal needing help with her challenging students, yoga teachers wanting to create new hybrid work, I have dark entities ruining my life, life threatening allergies…and on and on.

The one most important quality I absolutley know that is essential for a breakthrough is LOVE. I’ve learned that when I am connecting with someone, if my heart is open to them, if I’m truly curious about what is happening in their life and I trust the specific words and amazingly transformative energy coming through me…


Isuues, challenges, hearing, eye sight, allergies…everything shifts.

With love magic happens.

And this is not excusive to my work…an open heart is like an open doorway for the unexplainable miracles of life to travel through.

With an ailgnment to source, your heart allows blessings that are way beyond the minds ability to comprehend, to manifest.

These are literally mind blowing and consciousness expanding.

Rememeber the one powerful quality that enables all this amazing shifting to occur is an open heart…the open doorway for LOVE and MAGIC to flow through.


Andrea Jackson 303-545-5485

Success From the Inside Out

10929159_10206121005333389_1725437198311264776_nSuccess is determined by the outer world. False. Until one is committed to their own life, external forces will dictate your feelings, motives and actions.

Once you shift to being self motivated towards your greatest potential, based on an inner recognition of who you uniquely are, you can reinforce your own action steps.

By staying committed and focused to what you truly want to create you determine your own success.

True success, as defined as inner peace, health and happiness is the result of living from the inside out.

Inner praise and recognition are powerfully supportive tools that keep your momentum alive.

Drop all negative, critical talk…shift immediately to positive self talk. Praise yourself for all the great steps you are taking. Recognze the shifts that are occuring within you as you move from externally to internally motivated.

Trust that your steps are empowering you to live a free, actualized life.

Have patience as this shift is occurring in your life. Nothing great happens overnight. Many simple, empowering steps followed through with commitment and focus lead to SUCCESS.

Your greatest success in every area of your life is possible….health, happiness and prosperity through self realization.
Call me for a free 15 minute consultation. I’m also running a $109 special intro session…never before offered for one more month.

Let’s create this shift for you now…

Andrea Jackson





Spiritual Bypass



Superficial spirituality is spiritual bypass. When we share spiritually through our full alignment with source, then we offer real spiritual awareness.
When we have delved into and moved through the many inner layers of shadow which arise through our human relating and have come full circle into the light…we are home….now we can offer what would bring another home (if they are ready).
We may feel wobbly and vulnerable from this journey. But we now have access to our hearts innate wisdom and we can orient from our soul’s deeper insights.
This is the ultimate journey.
There are many, many layers of shadow that are traversed. When we can access our inner guidance system, we no longer have to rely on the extremely limited, fearful interpretations from your mind and frm others.You can learn to open to deep profound inner truth, insights and awarenes.
I can help you access these truths and you will have an inner guidance system that will enable you to truly understand what you are journeying through and how to move with grace and ease.
Awakening is the greatest adventure possible…inner space is the final fronteir…join me…
thank you for all the requests for sessions…I have 1 space left for this week.
Andrea Jackson Awakening-Coach





Nothing heals a broken heart like forgiveness. As long as we keep telling ourselves that others have hurt us, that they are to blame then we miss the blessing of our own healing. When we project our pain onto outer circumstances, or run from it by overworking, or going to other relationships, or deny it by pretending to be other than what we are truly feeling, than we keep ourselves from the only source of our healing.

When we stop the stories, all of them, and begin to embrace our pain, then there is a shift. We are becoming responsible for our own healing.  We come into these lives with an achilles heal, a core pattern. We choose particular parents who will hurt us in ways that make it impossible to deny this pain. We then choose friends or partners who will continue to play this out with us. If your wound is about abandonment, those we love will seem to abandon us in ways that throw salt into our wound. If instead of blaming them, we move inward to our hearts; we have the blessed opportunity to heal.

Learning to live more and more fully from our an inner communion with heart and soul creates wa

ves of unconditional compassion for ourselves and for others. When we realize that this human experience is painful, we see that we are all hurting in different ways. When we can shift our perspective from feeling like we’ve been victimized by something outside us to realizing that this pain is inherent within us, then we soften. As we soften, we deepen into ourselves in ways that relax the defensive patterns and allow for more presence, rather than fearful story telling.

This presence feels like a homecoming.  Now, there may be moments when we realize that everything had to play out as painfully as it did, for us to finally be willing to come home. All the ways in which we play out separation are perfect. When we are ready we learn to pause and communion or come into union with our true nature. As we begin to orient more and more fully from our true nature, it becomes our residence. We may still experience very painful situations and we know we can come home. We can remind ourselves to do whatever will quiet our minds, whatever will soften our hearts, whatever will return us to our soul. Sometimes we take a quiet walk in nature, or a soothing bath, drink lots of water,  hold our dog, cry into a pillow or journal our feelings, hold. We learn to do whatever works in the moment to soften into the truth of our being.

As we let go, we allow everything to simply be as it is. We stop fighting, struggling, deceiving, running, controlling. We breathe into our beingness. Now we can notice that we have an inner world. In this world there is a vast, uncomprehensible reality that is soulful and heartfelt. No one has truly ever hurt us here. We are not victimized. We can begin to see that everything that happened is perfectly orchestrated for our awakening. When we are within this grace, there is nothing to forgive. There is such a palpable awareness of love that we’re able to see why we may have been hurt or why we may have hurt others. We can see beyond the veils of separate illusion and embrace everyone, every experience, everything as having contributed to our wholeness, to the awakening of our heart and soul.

Every great human being has endured and forgiven. This allows for a transcending of the experience.  Our heart and soul are the vehicles for this transformation. As we cultivate this way of being, communion becomes our home base. We know longer dwell in the suffering, we return as quickly as possible, seeing more and more quickly the truth we are needing to embrace about ourselves.  When we are awaken, we realize that we never really leave this home, that we have never truly left this home. We simply chose to play out experiences in order to evolve. When we have learned particular lessons or have evolved beyond the need for having to experience this through others than the experience stops, is no longer an attractive choice.

Older souls, feel the familiarity of this cycle. Letting go more quickly and deepening into one’s self allows for more clarity and more ease to respond with. Then the outer circumstances are secondary to the inner learning taking place. We respond from our hearts and souls and the old story is left behind. Going in more deeply and acting from a more complete sense of self brings relief. Others may or may not support or even understand this shift. What you begin to see is that this doesn’t matter as much. It is difficult to explain this to others. It is your communion with your heart and soul. By acting from this deeper inner knowing you will be relating to your world from a growing sense of peace and well being.

This is the peace the transcends the understanding of the world. You are now living as the greatest vehicle for peace in your world and on this planet. Let others be curious and wonder how you move through life’s challenges with more grace and ease. Forgive them their lack of understanding and live your life as the example.

Trusting this Dance

Finding ourselves is a deep, lonely, often painful walk into the unknown. There is an almost constant feeling of shedding skin…more and more and more. Often, I am unrecognizable. There is no landing. Just a deeper and deeper dropping into. Nothing to hold onto…we fall into this abyss. Or so it feels to be a dark emptiness. Rarely would you meet anyone who would understand this or even want to. The aloneness feels unnerving at times, yet, superficial connections feel boring.

I am here, yet, I do not know what i am at this point. There is so much shedding that I am raw and I feel a pervasive sadness for having undertaken this life. Had I known it would hurt this much I would never have begun. That this undoing would rip all meaning from my life and leave me so vulnerably naked. That my hot tears will bring no relief…I know. At this point all one can do is shed the tears, helping the lingering fears to soften, to melt. I would wish this pain on no one. Yet, I know this is for everyone. There is the undeniable awareness that we will all journey a similar path of undoing.

I walk ahead and may it lighten the load of those that follow. A reprieve is here. I am softer, a deeper layer broken through…a painful wall relinquished. And so it is…walls, barriers, pain, suffering, sadness, release, reprieve…new territory. I am a bit relieved. I am still here in someway. Yet, I know nothing of what I am.
What is there now…there is only trust. All else is empty.

So, I feel inward and I ask for help. Help me be here now. I cry…so lonely in this passage. Lonely in so many ways, for so long, for so many days. Letting go of old ways, of past days, of memories, of people, of hopes, of dreams.
I am an empty basket…not needing to be filled…just letting the tears melt what’s left.

I don’t know where I am going. I don’t really know where I’ve been. I am learning to trust in my heart and this moment. Breathe with me…let’s be with the tenderness within our hearts…just breathing…slowing down…breathing even more slowly…gently. What does it feel like to trust? Does it mean dropping into the smallest form of connection…like our breathe? Does it mean letting this be enough for this moment? Just breathing. Fear waves moving through…yet, still trusting that my breath is enough. I feel some bodily pain and my mind resisting…just breathing into all this…trusting.

Like a frightened child trusts their mommy’s soft voice ‘everything is going to be ok sweet heart.’ We learn to trust this breath and to treasure this simple way home. We trust that we will breathe and it will be ok. We will still be here in someway, in some form. We change, we evolve, we unwind, we unfold. There is presence here now. We trust that we are this presence and although it hurts like crazy mad, we still trust that this homecoming is what we are here for. The old ways just don’t work well anymore. The games are dried out, empty. No real escapes left, no one to blame…just this letting go and this rising trust.

Beginning as simple as breath, then simple noticing, I am here…some heart ache beginning to soften, a little more ease and even some grace…beautiful music playing and I feel I am beginning to dance again. To rise up from the ashes of a worn out life, yet, again and again and again…I arise for this dance. Gracefully, like a rose subtly beginning to bloom…her petals delicately opening to the morning sun…calling her exquisiteness forth.

It is time…time to open, my dear. Breathe and trust that you are here. What was no longer needed has fallen away.
Death in all her powerful surrender has taken what has worn out away from you and now you may live again. A new life begins…lighter and yet, she is wary…how will she dance now. Where will she dance? With whom will she dance? Tears for all those she has loved and released. All those she wished to dance forever with…leaving the dance floor. She dances every move from the pain of her hearts grieving for all those she has loved and released… so many souls, for so many lifetimes. Once again she dances alone…never wanting to feel this again, yet, knowing this is human love. To love with all our hearts and to dance this fully into our magnificence.

We are so old. Have known and loved so many, yet, the truest dance is within this aloneness, where our hearts are broken open and now the sun begins to shine once again. There is new ground…a settling of the emotional waves and a resting. There is no need to dance right now…just trust. Simply breathing into the life, death and rebirth which is dancing us now.

Purity of Intent

white lotus

Sometimes life seems to throw us all around. I wonder what it’s all about? I’m revisiting old painful ways of relating and there is also a newness arising. I am seeing through the façade of old unloving ways. I’m noticing that there is a truth or clarity present as I continue to seek out the love within my own heart. There is a purity here and relentless longing to open to real love.

I feel into the pangs of old ways, that are still quite familiar. Overworking, over reaching, feeling unworthy, afraid to stop, afraid of ongoing aloneness, the silence. Yet, this is all fading away, as I relax instead of overwork, reach inwardly rather than outwardly, slow down, cultivate patience and rest into the silence more than the seeking. I feel a genuine worthiness at home within myself…the aloneness is deeply fulfilling.

This is my true home. Everything is empty outside this. I feel more
restful, less desirous. Needing to prove anything is becoming an old memory, a relentless ghost that is letting go. I am simply here. Finding my way through openness, an open hand. The clenching hand is relaxing now. Just letting go into this intimate awareness. There is a softening acceptance. We are this when we are free.

Long journey…still a bit tired and a little weary. Yet, there is a comfort in finding home. I notice that there is an ease here that is almost never present when I’m with most people. Do you notice this too? There are no urgent tasks, other than what you may need to relax. A few deep breaths, a releasing of the outer world and just sinking into this purity. All is well in this home. All is quiet. There is a growing serenity.

Breathing into my heart. My heart is here, is yours? Yes, I feel our hearts are in peace. I am worthy of this peace, are you? Say with me, ‘I am worthy of this peace. I am worthy of this love. No matter what, I am worthy. I am free to choose this. This is my home.’

Now, we notice the walls we have put into place in and around us that block this purity, this peace, this love from entering.

Am I not good enough and so I keep sabotaging connections that I value? Do I fight to prove my worth, only to lose everything I valued?

Am I unlovable and do I continually choose people who will let me down, disappoint me? Am I afraid to be seen and do I hide my true greatness and inner beauty with people who cannot see my true nature.

Am I afraid to give up the games and so I play them to exhaustion? Am I feeling invalidated and am I desperately seeking outer recognition that is never truly fulfilling?

Please write more in your own journal. Let these blocks tumble down now.

Stop playing these empty games out with yourself an with all others. It is divine right that YOU ARE WORTHY OF THIS PEACE. It is what you are most worthy of.

Let’s recognize this fully together. Reflect on some of the above games that you are playing…how does it feel inside? Not so good…empty, tiring, exhausting. Right?

Breathe into your inner sanctuary, allow this purity in for a few moments. How does this feel? A relief…freeing, softening, even loving. Right?

You can come home to this peace now, but you have to surrender one thing.

This one thing is the willingness to stop playing games within your heart. Everyone has an impeccable truth teller within them. We can play the separation games out, always trying to obtain something. Notice, there is never any lasting peace. Only temporary reprieve from the insatiable desiring for……you fill in the thousands of ways you are pulled away from your peace every moment.

When we can pause this cause and effect cycle and feel into our peaceful home, then the separation game begins to stop. Will I go unloved, unseen, invalidated? No you will begin to feel a deep well of peace and love that will fill you in real and lasting ways. All the emptiness from all the separation games will fill in with this love for yourself and for others. Slowly, as you stop playing the old games, you will feel a peace that strengthens your worthiness. From this worthiness, true self esteem arises and you begin to feel more lightness filling within you. Bypassing the painful way, opening to the loving way.

Now there is guidance from the heart, the sacred truth teller. When your heart speaks to you. Stop, listen and act. Cultivate this…stop, listen and act. I encourage you to stop playing the games. They offer less and less and take more and more of your heart and soul, leaving you with a very painful emptiness, a soulessness. Some will lose everything and still continue the separation from heart and soul.

We have played this out many lifetimes and now we can come home. The doorway is open. Take my hand. If we are to continue, we must bring each other home now. Stop the games, listen to your heart and soul and take right, timely action. Be the worthy, noble being that you truly are. Let this inner peace and love direct you through the games, unhooking you from the separation of your outer directed world.

Welcome to the purity of your true nature. Now you can fill the vessel with the peace and love that you are. I assure you all else is coming from your inner separation and thus it is perpetuating separation. Healing of separation is temporary. Coming home is eternal.

eternally yours;
Call for an extraordinary home coming.

Inner Connection


We play out so many karmic connections until we realize there is a better way. Karma is necessary to learn about ourselves, to evolve more into loving, sincere people. We can bypass karma having to play out as much if we are willing to deepen into our being and access our truest connection. This connecting is like coming home. It is about forgiveness of all the people and events we have called into our lives to teach us. It is to learn more directly, more openly from within ourselves, thus bypassing many difficult, suffering situations.

If we are truly willing to step off the karmic wheel of perpetual life lessons then we can begin to learn more gently, easily, effortlessly from within our own soul. This enables to move about within ourselves and in the world without as much drama. The drama drops. It’s no longer attractive and we begin to cherish this inner communion. Drama is as old as time, so this shift requires devotion and dedication. The more one is orienting to their inner knowing, the more the drama begins to cease.

An inner connection begins to synch up as the main relationship in life. The inner world becomes more alive, more tangibly real. The outer drama, is just a distraction for coming in and feeling into the peace and emptiness which will sustain in ways the drama never could. Notice that most of our experiences seem to be ladened with same repetitive beliefs we have been carrying most of our lives.

We came to heal core issues; like I’m not  good enough, or I’m unworthy of love and meaningful support. No matter how good something appears at first, the old core wound begins to creep back in. Instead running after new experiences to show that the painful belief is not true. Come in instead and just notice that these core wounds are seeking to be held within in a new way. This is about unconditional love being offered within. This loving acceptance allows us to stop playing out the wounded behavior enough so that we can begin to change our outer behavior.

If our wound is that we are not good enough, we will feel this unconditional love is present within us to met it. To bring in the feeling of being more patient and tolerant with ourselves. It may also encourage us to not take more than we can handle, thus failing yet again. We learn to balance our lives out in ways that we are able to care deeply for ourselves and learn to show up for others in balanced ways. When we listen or feel the inner words and nudgings they begin to guide is particular ways that help us to succeed. We may not win the big lottery or reach the top of our profession or create the greatest contribution for humanity or we may.

It just doesn’t matter as much. When we are aligning more fully with our inwardly guided purpose we feel a deep abiding connection to what is truly real. This is the catalyst of a whole new way of living. It enables us to feel a freedom from all the old collective mindset. We can more easily step out of all the old archetypal stories of hero and victim consciousness. then a simpler, purer love connection arises which is about being the love which we are. This will not effectively be used to rescue. It’s more about that saying…teaching people how to fish, rather than giving them fish.

When the victim consciousness stops being rescued, the victim begins to see that they can choose to awaken to a new consciousness or drown. Of course, we have played all these victim, perpetrator, rescuer stories out forever on our planet. Coming home to this realization needs a lot of internal support in the form of insight, awareness, unconditional love and direct guidance around right action. If we overlook these connections and continue to play our new situations, we will find ourselves back on the karmic wheel in the exact same place. This is why so many situations start to bring up the same unhealed beliefs as before. Vey familiar aren’t they.

This time stop and enter into communion with the answer to all this repetitive suffering. Isn’t all getting boring at this point? Has it felt painful enough? Are you ready? Great…then come on in.

Let’s take a brief dive in. Breathe with me, feel into your heart, welcome your heart…the source of the unconditional love connection. Now welcome in your soul…breathing in more deeply. Pause feel into this deeper connection. This may take a minute. We’re just making a connection. Now breathe into your third eye, between your eyes…your guidance for direction in the world resides here. Connect to the crown of your head…where we connect with our awareness and awakening to divine presence.

Great…these are your power connections. There are others within us, but these are the most important now. Feel into being a little more a whole and a little less needy of outer direction.
Recognize that all true power eminates from within this sanctuary. Randomly throughout your die make these connections. Notice if you begin to hear words from deeper within or nudges that help direct how you go about your day. When you are involved in drama, pause for a few minutes and access this inner knowing. Ask, what is most helpful for me to know now? Listen or even better write out your answer. I have a notebook I write in and ask this question almost everyday. It truly helps me to the answer. It may not as directly related to the drama as it is to the understanding that we most need inn that moment.

What we receive from our inner knowing is not ways in which to go back into the karmic lesson and replay it or fix it, rather, it is about how to get out of the cycle completely. This is more about true freedom, not temporary fulfillment. Pausing and deepening, listening and the acting is the way out of all the repetitive suffering. Have you had enough yet? Are you tired, bored and frustrated? Stop, don’t grab for a new life experience, simply connect and listen and use your life experience to free you rather than entrap you.

I assure you if you are lying, controlling, running, attacking or clinging you are stuck. There is one way out of this…develop this inner connection. Then take action to apologize for your mistakes freeing up the karma and most importantly learn from the lesson by behaving from a more mature and aware place within you. If your behavior has harmed an animal, child, adult anyone forgive yourself and apologize either through your words or through new more loving behavior. Listen to your inner connection to learn how to best make amends to yourself or to the other.

Cultivate your inner communion. Come back into peace with yourself. Ask for inner guidance. Listen or feel into this connection. When you know the right direction act on it in a timely manner. If you procrastinate for your egos timing or you don’t follow through at all…no problem…you’ll get to play it over and over again until you can take responsibility for your actions.

Honor these inner connections by making time and space for them. Commune within as much as you can. Cultivate this as your real home. Your inner and outer world will begin to take on the same peace. You will find new, more freeing opportunities, your world will resemble the inner peace which you are honoring.

with great peace an love for your homecoming;


Essential Wildness

elves lovers

Sometimes we have to allow our love to flow into forbidden territories. When we stay in the familiar and continue to play out our relatedness in standardized and ordinary ways, our love dries out. Wildness is essential to our passion. It brings forth the juiciness, the sensual quality of nectar in a fertile flower. When we hold onto old ways, we die a slow death.

Breathe refreshingly new ways into your ways of loving. Enjoy your nakedness, the sunset streaming through branches, a cool misty rain on your skin. Relinquish tightness, holding back, suffering. Open up allow in the exquisite beauty of your partners nakedness. Bathe in the juiciness of a plump passionate kiss. Be freer to feel this release. Not for sexuality as much as for the pure enjoyment of your senses. They will come alive and they will show you the pleasure of this life that is yours.

When we hold back too much, the fear begins to drive the body and it tightens the grip on life. Go find a private place and bask in the sun for a few minutes and let it warm your skin. Notice how sensual nature is. Endulge timeless moments and quiet, the serenity of an eternal silent moment. Let the drama pass through. All the repetitive stories holding you back from just being free to do as you please.

When we can live in these ways, we don’t need a vacation from life. Life itself is rich and rewarding. Dance in the rain. Be alone for an extended period. Ask yourself…what am I truly longing to experience now. Empty out all the attachments and the ways you mire yourself in tired, old stuck stories. Just breathe freely and feel this newness, this beginning of a new adventurous way to live.

Let new people in and explore a little bit of their world and their ways. Stay true to your values for these are your anchor. But, do try on new ways. Especially if they are sensually provocative. Let your body enjoy life more fully. Our bodies are not just our vehicles to navigate through. They are our safe haven and our source of earthly delight.

Notice how much you can participate and still feel aware, heartfelt and available to your sensitive inner connections. This is not an escape this is love for your human experience through your body. Your heart will respond favorably and you will feel the interconnectedness with the experience tangibly. Sensitively notice the flavors, textures, sounds, colors, the rhythms of life. Look at the colors of the leaves on the trees, notice the coolness or the humidity in the air.

Just noticing like this, quiets the mind and helps engage our bodies. We are human beings, divine in nature, yet, human in our desire to experience these subtle nuances. There can be great pleasure derived from this. But don’t hold on to tight. Let the winds of change free up old fears of grasping and just allow what you are enjoying to be present for you.

It’s great to create a joy list of things like this that bring you delight. These are the activities that are here to help awaken the soul to the body. This is another stage of our homecoming. Just breathe into these sensual experiences. Having gratitude for this blessing. When one is alive in these sensual ways, there is no need for big or expensive ways of life. It is usually through the simplest ways of being that we enjoy the most delightful connections.

Too much indulgence causes a hedonistic nature. We take for granted the foods we eat and we barely taste them. We become consumed with what we can buy and indulge in next. This type of experiencing is usually simple like noticing the double rainbow, or hearing the crickets song, or noticing the subtle aroma of a lilac bush.

When we free ourselves of the conventional ways of escaping, we can settle in more fully and notice these delightfully magical occurrences as if it were the first time. Ironically most of these sensually sensitive opportunities have been around forever. Like the mesmerizing flames of a camp fire, or the smell of wet grass, or the sweet white butterflies dancing in delight.

One of our main problems when we live outside of the magic of our hearts is that we take all this  amazing simplicity for granted. We then begin to need more and more and more. We eat all the animals up, we over pesticide the yards and the foods, we increase the noise volume every where we go, we need too many cars and planes and trains, so we can travel everywhere we haven’t been. Now we have destroyed the natural equilibrium that exists within the wildness. Soon it will be all but perceptible to the masses.

Always stay in full awareness of your values as you are experiencing this planet. At this point she so desperately calls for us to awaken these simple magic ways, before we destroy her essential nature. Together, let’s pause in momentary gratitude for all these wonderous ways that are here for us to care for, fiercely protect and have immense gratitude for. Let’s not take for granted the heaven on earth which resides in our hearts ability to love all this immense beauty. We must be brave and courageous in our right action. Stop using pesticides, contribute to the reprieve of global animal torture by becoming a vegetarian. Reuse the same plastic bags, rewash your baggies. Live in full respect and consideration as a guardian of the blessing of our wild planet…before it is too late. Without our awakening she will die.

in my wild heart;


The Power of Love


There is only thing that will dispel all the illusions of this world. What we seek for, long for, die for is love. Nothing else will bring comfort to your pain, hope to your despair, reprieve from the dessert of the mind. Only love will quench the starving pangs that we are all suffering in. We have dried up in ourselves and on this plant from greed. We want more and are insatiable for more money, more homes, more gadgets, more toys. This planet is dying from a lack of love.

We have more than enough for everyone here, yet, we are starving. We are greedy victims of separation. We believe if we can just get enough, we will be enough. When do we ever have enough? I see many people who have luxurious lives. Many of these people are consumed with their wealth…while others, usually with far less are generously caring for the impoverished.

I have walked away from many possibilities of being cared for by very wealthy men. Somehow I knew that without heart and soul there is poverty. I knew my heart and soul would die and I would end up starving inside myself, craving the next thing that money can buy.

My soul had a greater plan for me and so does yours. Inundating ourselves with extreme comfort creates complacency. We become lazy, unable to feel into our depths. We dry out and learn to manipulate for everything. We use our looks, money and emotional ploys. We con, we lie, we do anything to seek the advantage in the situation. We escape into too much pleasure and we avoid the quieter heart and soul direction.

We don’t look inward. We become consumed with the outer world and our need to feel ‘powerful’. I encourage now to drop out of this old way. It has reached the law of diminishing returns on our planet. It’s easy for anyone to see the diminishing resources, global warming, millions of animals tortured and killed everyday so we can have a lobster tail or big burger for dinner. Do you ever reflect on what that animal went through before entering your mouth? Do you even care? Is everything here on this beautiful planet for our consumption? Where are benevolent hearts?

The Hopi Indians speak of ‘One Heart’ as being the source of our love. When we are willing to pause the vicious consumption wheel and ask am I really ever fulfilled through this perpetual cycle? Is the momentary gratification of eating the burger, manipulating for money at work, lying or running from your loved ones, using your physical body to attract sexually…is this fulfilling?

Where is this One Heart? Our soul is the entry way to this love. This planet has become soulless and it is dying. The heart of Earth has been consumed and the soul has been denied. Every time we act soullessly we are participating in this heartlessness. When will stop this vicious cycle?

When I was in college, I remember an experiment where frogs where placed in water in a pot on the stove. The heat was gradually turned up higher and higher. The frogs never jumped out. They died. The lid was off, they could jump out at any point. This is what we are doing on our planet and to each other. The heat has turned way up on earth. The polar caps are melting. The heat index has risen to the point where there is extreme irreversible damage. People, even children are shooting each other. We are overmedicated and we are sick. Without love we will all die.

Rumi says ‘seek not for love, but to remove the barriers to love. Our separate minded ways are our barriers. Until we can walk through the fires of our own deep seated fears, we cannot love. When we drop down to our knees and say it is enough, I am ready and willing to come home. I have seen enough. I can no longer turn my back on this planet, its people and all its animals and wildlife. Show me the way. Make me an instrument of thy peace.

This begins the passage to the inner depths which require a complete surrender. We must be willing to let go of all these depletive ways. We must be willing to see our part in this big picture of our earths demise. In order to do this we must come home first to ourselves. Devotion to waking up is a requirement on our planet now. It isn’t a choice we can make next lifetime or after we have our steak dinner. We are here to awaken within our being and to then to participate whole heartedly in the restoration of our planet and our family…all peoples, animals and wildlife.

We can no longer wait for leaders to come and to clean up this mess. We cannot continue to consume as if there were no end. We cannot keep incarcerated the wounded and torturing all the animals and stand by as children are beaten, prostituted or shoot each other. We must seek solace, wisdom and integral action from within our hearts. There is no where else to look, no one to go to, no one else to rescue us from this mess that we have participated in creating. We all have an extremely important part to play in us waking up in our wholeness.

I ask you now…are you ready? Do you feel your soul. Can you stop the greed cycle of your mind? Drop into the depths with me now. Breathe in come home with me. There is a sacred passage within all of us that leads to our soul. Are you ready to enter this most powerful of places where lasting fulfillment resides? Do you need to manipulate a few more people first? Are you ready to move through the suffering, the survival, the empty ploys of separation?

If you have said yes, then lets go inward deeper than before. Let’s go to your soul. Breathe life into your soul. Allow your soul to feel this welcome call. Breathe into this reunion. This is your homecoming. You can travel anywhere, you can talk with anyone, you can grab at anything…yet, I assure you this is your only home. Until this becomes the space where you reside moment to moment, you will always come up empty handed no matter what you surround yourself with.

Let’s dive in deeply now. Welcoming the union of heart and soul. When the soul becomes your true home, your love, that which is your birthright, flows to heal and relieve all your suffering. Others can guide and direct, but this homecoming is full in its ability to bring your heart back to you. Then you will not give your emptiness out. You will discern how to truly love. You will quench your own starvation and you will know how to be of benevolent service. As this shift occurs, your richness will fulfill your deepest longings. You no longer feel the need to grab as much, or to manipulate, twist, make life happen.

Life is now beginning to flow through you. Let this love energy flow unobstructed. Pause, reflect on how you are tightening down on the flow or how you are giving way beyond your hearts capacity at any given point. Notice, within the silence of your soul what your mind is doing. Just simply notice. Drop your judgments and just be aware of what you and others around you are doing. Let the love flow more freely now. Forgive your thoughts and behaviors. Forgive theirs. Just allowing love to flow, to heal, to replenish your broken heart. Laugh with me at the absurdity of this world, at yourself at each other. Loosen up the death grip and having to make life turn out in the old ways.

Ask for miracles. Be the magic your world is calling for. Be childlike again. See the innocence that is desperately seeking to arise within each heart from our souls. Become a full participant in the One Heart of this planet. As Gandhi said ‘be the change you’re looking for.’ Do what you truly came here to do. Find your home and learn to care again in every moment, care fully.

If you feel you need to eat animals, pause like Native Americans did be grateful for the animal who gave their life for your life. Own your cons, lies and manipulations by apologizing to the other person every time. Behaviors like these allow one to be part of the interconnectedness, the one heart healing all us, each other and this planet. There really is no other way. We cannot continue to try to deceive ourselves or any one else. The joke is on us, it is we who are perpetuating our separation and our suffering when we refuse to take responsibility for all our actions.

Pause again with me and commune with your soul. Ask now is there a better way for me? Ask for your angels and spirit guides to help with this transition to a new way of life.

‘I ask for your divine assistance for my resurrection to this heart opened way. I wish to align fully to the One Heart that is here for us all through my own heart and soul. I take the right actions I am guided to take now, now and every moment from now. I love and forgive all suffering and all those who participated with me. This has all happened to bring me to this moment where I can now wake up in my own divinity and participate fully wherever I am. I release all victim stories and there residual pain from my heart and soul. I am empowered to live here in this way, fully supported through my own heart and soul. I think, speak and act in a timely and fully committed way. I take right action as I am directed to take from my heart and soul. Make me an instrument of thy peace and enable me to create from heart and soul and be the difference that would bring deep abiding fulfillment for all.’

Commune in these ways with your heart and soul. Empty your vessel of empty ways. Allow this enrichment to fertilize all the barren places. Live in peaceful, grateful and joyous ways. Refuel and regenerate through your inner communion daily…everyday. Make this a way of life, until this is your entire life.

Now, you are the living, flowing example to all of the immense power of love. I assure you…your life will be an inspiration to all…there is no other power. None.

with powerful love;