Joyful Fulfillment through Personal Empowerment 

Andrea leads the way to your Soulful Awakening.
The results are amazing inner and outer shifts.
This is not slow, pain-staking therapy.
You will shift in extraordinary ways
from the first session on.

Benefits of Activating your Amazing Potential by
Clearing your “Achilles Heel” Pattern first:
1. Self-Realization
2. Stabilized Inner Peace
3. Vibrant Health & Well-Being
4. Consciously Caring Relationships
5. Career Success with Deep Fulfillment 

Andrea has an international clientele with recognition from world thought leaders like Deepak Chopra. Andrea Jackson is an author, speaker & mentor. Her awakening presence with amazing transformative gifts create miraculous shifts. When Andrea connects with you, self-defeating patterns rapidly shift into your greatest potential. You experience expansive freedom, self-empowerment, conscious relating & joyful fulfillment.

This is your wake up call 303-545-5485 
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‘Andrea is the most amazing energy worker and awakening facilitator that I have ever known and in the most joyful manner that can be experienced teaches people to see and realize their magnificence and to really live a life of joy, happiness, and authenticity.

Andrea places a precise mirror to our faces and allows us to see our greatness, what our gifts are and how we can best bring them to others for the planet’s benefit.’

Through the years that I have worked with Andrea, I have been inspired by the spiritual gifts and insights that her words have brought to so many people especially myself.  Whether it is through one on one sessions, groups or through public speaking, Andrea provides extraordinary guidance from that deepest place of wisdom, clarity, and understanding, and her words truly, magically catalyze and transform miraculously.

When I say these things I say them based upon my own direct experiences and as a practical and grounded business professional that has risen to the very top of his profession through Andrea’s work.

These words that I am now using I mean quite literally and not in any esoteric way.
Blessings to you;
Paul S. Kleinman, President Rocky Mountain Financial Network
TM Facilitator for 36 years

“My deepest gratitude for the miracles that come from your work. Even though we are thousands of miles away, your work prevails. Within moments, my darkest hour turned into strength, awareness, integration & transformation. It was truly miraculous. My entire family benefited. Life is a beautiful place with Andrea.”  Caroline McCrane,VA

Are You Ready?
Clear suffering!
Create a joyful life!
End victim patterns!
Experience inner freedom!
Release fear-based patterns!
Align with awareness & intuition!
Clear the blocks to your full potential!
Celebrate your life, relationships & profession!
Release the old~to make way for your precious life!

* Clear hidden self-defeating patterns
* Facilitate shifts that increase enthusiasm
* Align with your inner guidance system
* Consciously navigate your relationships
* Access your creative potential from the inside
* Transform challenges into breakthroughs
* Actualize the important reason you are here